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Jeremiah in the Dark Woods

Last week's adventure with Jeremiah in the Dark Woods generated such a lot of fantastic work from the children learning at home and in school. We've decided that it's well worth a celebration, so click the link to look back on the highlights of the week and to see if you can spot your work! Well done and a huge thank you to the children, parents, teachers and Mr Pepper for making the week such a success!

Friday 5th February

It's Day 5; the final day of our Jeremiah adventure week! Today we get to find out who stole Auntie's tarts! Click the link to find out...

Thursday 4th February


Day 4: There's some some interesting vehicles to look at on today's video...!



Wednesday 3rd February


In Day 3's video we meet some interesting characters!

Click the link to find out...  

Tuesday 2nd February


Here's today's link to the next episode of Jeremiah in the Dark Woods!  


Monday 1st February


Welcome to Day 1 of our Adventure Theme Week!

Click on the link for today's video by Mr Pepper...


Read the information letter to find out what's happening next week in our Jeremiah in the Dark Woods theme week!