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Breakfast Club

Breakfast club is open to all Springfield children from 8.15am and food is served until 8.45am and then they will be directed into class.


There is a hot option each day with favourites being pancakes, sausage and bacon cobs, waffles and porridge.  There is always toast, cereal and fruit juice as well as yoghurt and fruit.


Why spend money on breakfast when you don't have to as breakfast at Springfield is COMPLETELY FREE?  Just let your child sign in as they arrive .... it's as easy as that!

At Springfield we like to be as approachable as possible for parents to come to talk to us about any concerns they have regarding their children.  If you want to see a member of staff please try to make an appointment if it's before school as generally staff are very busy at that time of day getting ready for the children to arrive.

ELF Breakfast at Springfield