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Together we can enjoy, believe, achieve

Our Curriculum - Intent, Implementation and Impact


At Springfield Academy, we believe that our children need a curriculum that promotes ambition and aspiration, through purposeful and rich experiences that broadens their perspectives on life.  We know that our children need a curriculum that embeds knowledge, expands vocabulary and captures their imagination.  We ensure that our curriculum provides the vital inspiration and challenge to give our children the confidence to choose and own their future.

Einstein Quote:


“The power of imagination is the ultimate creative power. While knowledge defines what we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create…”

We are proud of the changes we have made to our curriculum and of the achievements and progress our children are making.


Our curriculum is designed to allow the children of Springfield to live the school motto:

‘Enjoy. Believe. Achieve’.





At Springfield, the children access the National Curriculum through our topics. The topic choices we have made are rooted in what we believe will excite and engage the children. We know that they will learn best through enjoyment and by experiencing what we want them to record and write about, so we provide practical engagement experiences to take them beyond the classroom through role play, VR kits, drama, re-enactments, visits and audio immersive resources, giving them opportunities to learn knowledge about their topics by being somewhere (or someone) else. Our children's Learning Journeys reflect the learning which follows these practical engagement experiences. Please look through our website class pages to see the enjoyment in learning and the wide variety of practical engagement opportunities our children experience throughout their topics.



As one of our core school values is Aspiration, we want our children to know as much as possible about the world around them both here in Bulwell and also beyond, so that they can make more informed choices about their own future. Embedding knowledge and developing their understanding of the different subjects they learn through the topics is therefore a key component in developing our children’s confidence and self-belief. We give out knowledge organisers each half term and ensure that the children know what subject it is that they are learning. Links are made to previously learnt knowledge and is embedded through recapping and recall activities in independent tasks. We teach primarily through small mixed ability groups (an approach we call Core Skills), which enables adults to deliver our curriculum in a way that allows more close contact with the children, making assessment for learning and feedback quicker and more individualised. Curriculum knowledge is recorded in our Learning Journeys, on our class pages and around our school on displays using writing, pictures, photographs and video evidence.


In order for our children to achieve their best in life, evidence points to the positive relationship between reading frequency, reading enjoyment and attainment. This is why we have worked hard to make Springfield a ‘reading school’ and why our curriculum focusses on building vocabulary. By committing to teaching every child to read and providing every opportunity to read through the topics and subjects we teach, emphasis is placed on the vocabulary the children will need in order for them to have a deeper understanding of subject content and broaden their life chances.  

We also know that if children feel that they aren’t represented in the curriculum, this can result in lower engagement, participation and ultimately achievement. By ensuring that children have access to diversity in our curriculum through our ‘Just Like Me’ initiative, we teach them how to use their strengths and points of view to contribute positively in today’s world. Through assemblies, newsletters and our class pages on the website, we celebrate the children’s achievements and successes throughout each half-term. 

If you would like to know more about the curriculum at Springfield, we are always happy to talk about the learning taking place here, so please come and speak to the children or any of the staff in school; we would be delighted to show you our displays and the children’s Learning Journeys.

To summarise, at Springfield it is through vocabulary, experiences and knowledge that:

Together we can…Enjoy. Believe. Achieve.