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Headteacher Covid updates


DAY 7    Tuesday 31st March


We have managed a whole week of closure now.

Most people are staying in contact with school through Class Dojo. Mrs Shelley managed to contact a few people yesterday to try to support them in loading Class Dojo on their electronic devises.


If you contact school during school hours someone will contact you to help you.


Djanogly Learning Trust supplied Free School Meal Vouchers last week (for families of children who registered for FSM) to support families for 2 weeks , this was in advance of any scheme that the Government will put into place. We are very grateful to be part of the Trust for exactly these kind of reasons.


We continue to run a small child care facility at school for families of key workers unable to keep their children at home while they work.

Government advice is to keep your children at home where possible.


"Let's be careful out there" (Fistpump/Springy sparkle)

Mrs Francis


DAY 1 Monday 23rd March 

It is awesome to see how many people have listened to the governments advice about keeping their children at home.

Lots of children have started their school packs and have sent pictures of themselves working at home to their teachers through their Class Dojo.(We still have some children's packs at school,if you would like to come to school reception to pick them up that would be great.)


Please go onto your class page as your teacher will be there reading your class story.(You could listen before you go to bed)


Lots of people are trying to create their own work timetable at home. Lots of children are starting the day with Joe Wicks Children's workout on Youtube at 9.00am.


More ideas, more news each day.


"Let's be careful out there" ( Fistpump/Springy sparkle)

Mrs Francis


Dear Parents and Carers,

We are working hard to prepare work for the children and create methods of for children and parents to communicate with school staff in case we are instructed to have the children working at home.


We have a new email address for parents/carers to use:


Our Twitter account is


Springfield Academy@Springfield DLT



You should also have received an invitation to join 'Class Dojo'. You will need to download the app on your phone/tablet, create an account, add your child and enter the code. You will then be able to contact their teacher (during school hours) if your child needs support with their work.


These are unusual times and we need to work together to help each other. Don't hesitate to contact school if we can be of some assistance.


Mrs Francis







Please can you make sure that school has an up to date contact number for your family.

We sent a test text yesterday(Thursday 13th March), if you did not receive this please can you contact school to let us know your new /additional phone number.

Thank you so much

Mrs Francis