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Springfield Academy

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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Mrs JB Francis - Head Teacher

Mrs V Shelley - Deputy Head Teacher


These are the new classes for September, all named after Amazing Creatures .

Mrs Page is the EYFS Leader

Nursery -Team Caterpillars                 Mrs Booth and Mrs Straw

Reception -Team Butterflies                Miss Randall and Miss Brown


Year 1 - Team Dolphins                         Miss Khan, Ms Pembleton, Miss Kelly and Miss Street

Year 2 -Team Whales                           Mr Ward, Mrs Doyle and Mrs Hopkinson

Year 3-Team Macaw                             Miss Urbacz, Mrs Radford and Mrs Hopkinson

Year 4 -Team Tucan                              Miss Boden and Mrs Woolley

Year 5- Team Gecko                              Mr Straw and Mrs Walker

Year 6 -Team Chameleon                       Miss Seabridge and Mr Whiteley


Mrs Shelley , Mrs Newton and Mrs Booth will also be covering AFL release time.


Mrs Bonser SENDCo(currently on Maternity leave) Temporary SENDco Mrs Page   


Mrs Clark - Office Manager

Ms Newton - Office Assistant

Mrs Bodenham - Attendance/Safeguarding Officer

Mr Baker- Site Manager

Miss Drain -ELSA/Nurture

Mr Obasa - IT Support