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Year 6 - Team Resilience

TEAM LETTERS - 2021-2022

Year 6 have handed in some amazing homework this half term! I am so proud of them!

We had a fossil hunt on the playground and excavated them carefully!

Team Resilience began our new topic by making fossils!

Elf day!

Team Resilience have created decorated huts, similar to the Ndebele people in Africa.

We sketched a cheetah from 4 different viewpoints.

Team Resilience have used traditional African art patterns to create brilliant animal art!

Year 6 have been learning about Sikhism this week, which tied in perfectly with the celebration of Diwali. We learnt how during Diwali, Sikhs light candles (called diyas) in the Gudwara, their place of worship. The kitchen in a Gudwara is called the langar. Anyone is welcome to share food from the langar,  regardless of religion or background. We re-enacted sitting in the langar hall to eat some Indian food - chapatis, puri, dahl and Indian spiced rice. We lit diya lamps, hung up lights and decorations and played Indian music to experience some of the ways in which Diwali is celebrated by Sikhs.



Ice skating!

Year 6 loved taking part in the Now Press Play experience called Mission to Mars.

In Science, we have carried out a filtration experiment.

Team Resilience have created fantastic pieces of art this week!

Year 6 have learned the names of the planets this week and have used paper mache to create a model.