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Year 5 – Team Indie

Welcome to Year 5 - Team Indie


Teacher - Year 5 - Mr Straw

Teaching Assistant - Year 5 - Mrs Radford


Team letters

Top Tips For Reading At Home

Building Bulwell experience: The children in Year 5 studied the history of Bulwell and how it developed from a rural settlement into an urban town. The children applied their understanding by building and creating models.

On Friday 17th May we visited the Bulwell Academy to take part in a Sports Festival.

In Year 5 we are beginning to use Maths Toolkits to use practical resources to support with our calculations. Here are some images of Year 5 tackling a subtraction problem in groups using the Place Value Counters.

As part of our topic of "Why do people choose to live abroad?" we have studied the South American country of Brazil. The children have been learning about the culture and features of this country and about the Amazon Rainforest. They were shocked to learn about the dangers posed by deforestation and following on from our whole class experience, produced some amazing work four our class display.

Save the Amazon Rainforest from deforestation experience: First, our Poison Arrow Dart Frog Learning Leader set the children the challenge of persuading people that deforestation was harmful to the Amazon Rainforest! Then, we studied a range of YouTube clips showing the effects of deforestation and the wonders of the Amazon Rainforest. After that, we carried out research on endangered species, palm oil, deforestation and the Amazon Rainforest before planning our writing carefully. Finally, it was time to edit and improve our paragraph plan and produce a piece of work which we were all really proud of which contained awesome vocabulary, facts and statistics to convince the reader!

During the Spring Two half term we have enjoyed learning "Street Dance" during our P.E. lessons, where we have been working with a specialist dance teacher.

In Year 5 we have been using our new Rapid Recall boards during our maths lessons.

On Tuesday 2nd April we were kindly invited by St Mary's Church in Bulwell to take part in Easter Celebrations and activities.

As part of our World War 2 experience, we investigated what life was like on "The Home Front" we investigated how food was rationed along with how people had to build Anderson Shelters in their gardens for protection. Here is Simone's experience of being rushed into an Anderson Shelter.

Here is our amazing World War 2 display based on the Blitz!

World Book Day! In Year 5 we dressed as characters based on our class text of "Gangsta Granny!"

The Blitz! As part of our topic "How do films about World War 2 make us feel?" We studied and acted out how children at Springfield Academy during this conflict would have prepared for the Blitz! The children, turned off the classroom lights, closed the blinds and hid under the tables for protection. We also studied accounts from children who attended our school in 1939 and were astonished to discover that Year 5 children were even taught above the chip shop on Hucknall Lane for their own protection.

Sea Creature Top Trumps! In preparation for our ICT session using the Ipads on Friday, we looked at a range of sea creatures and recorded lots of questions we had about one of these unusual creatures. The children were very curious to discover more information! In pairs we then compared and contrasted facts about these creatures by playing the popular card game "Top Trumps!" This gave lots of opportunities to work together and discuss these facts!

We watched the fascinating story of the 29000 yellow rubber bath ducks, which fell overboard a cargo ship in 1992 and went on an epic adventure! We discussed the incredible events which followed and discovered how the oceans carried the ducks to many different countries. Some had an amazing adventure which lasted 15 years and taking them over 17000 miles! Here are some examples of work from Cassidy, Kylie and Jessica!

As a class we watched the story of The Rainbow fish by Marcus Pfister and discussed the moral of this story. We then created our own fish using different shades and tones of the same colour in the style of the illustrations from this story. Two lucky children were given a class set of shiny decorative scales to either decorate their fish with or share with their classmates like in the story. Thankfully they had remembered the moral of the story and applied their understanding of sharing and being part of a team and made the decision for everyone in class to have a scale to place on their fish!

Recycle Symbol Artwork! Although we kept the famous green recycling colour we added many natural features, creatures and patterns to the iconic recycling symbol to encourage people to dispose of their plastic in an environmentally friendly way to protect the oceans.

In our bid to reduce plastic pollution we investigated a range of items found in shopping bags and explored whether plastic was really necessary and whether it could be recycled in a way to protect the environment. We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the parents who donated their plastic and cardboard packaging to school as your help made this activity possible!

We carried out an investigation on the materials which different bags are made from. In groups we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each material and the impact upon the environment before designing our own bags.

Mathopoly! For a practical group activity we played a game of Mathopoly which required the children to apply their knowledge of times tables, discuss problems together and use practical resources to solve problems together.

Here are our amazing displays to stop plastic pollution and the layers of the ocean!

Research of strange and unusual sea creatures

Art with plastic waste

Toilet Twinning

On the final week of term, Team Ali took part in a charity event to raise money for a toilet block in an African Village. The children researched what games and stalls we could do independently and set about baking the cakes and making the games. The children were very successful and raised the £240 needed to build a toilet block. Team Ali should be very proud of their maturity and confidence! You all did a brilliant job!

Maths in the world

Team Ali have been learning about measurement in maths and how this relates to real life. Mr Baker (the caretaker) came in to explain why it was important to understand measurement in his job. The children then had a go at calculating measurement problems using different equipment! 

Timestable rockstars


Joel - "I am proud of the work I have done to become a rock star, and I appreciate how my friends are also doing to become rock stars."


Liana - "I am star of the week because I have improved to be a headliner. I am now 3rd in the school!"

REDTED! Team Ali are doing amazing at reading more at home! Katie has even dressed hers up :)

Ice skating

This half term Team Ali have been Ice skating! The children have really enjoyed themselves, (despite a few falls!) and have become great skaters. A huge well done to all of Team Ali for having a go, even though they were nervous! :)

World book day

Dinosaur madness

This half term Team Ali have been exploring why some animals have become extinct and how they have adapted to the change in the environment. We have been looking at how fossils can tell a story and how paleontologists research the adaptations in animals to see the changes in history. This week Team Ali have become paleontologists and began to discover fossils from rock.  

Our story writing

Team Ali welcome 4 new children to the class by building towers with Mrs Binoy

On Elf day, Team Ali had a very special visitor, from the north pole, come join the class. They soon found out that her name was called Elfina and she would be keeping a special eye on them over the Christmas period. Soon after Elfina arrived, another elf joined her in the class - Norman. Santa had tasked them to show Norman how to make the right choices ready for Christmas. The elves got up to lots of mischief from becoming Batman and Robin to dressing themselves up as snowmen. Team Ali have had lots of fun all week and produced some lovely design and technology products. 


We have had a very busy term and the children have been working really hard to be the best they can be.

Miss Urbacz and Mrs Radford hope you got everything you wanted and had lots of christmas fun. 





Christmas in Team Ali

Team Ali is full of superstar children!

We think it is now time to celebrate their achievements weekly. 


Week ending 20th October 2017


Maths star of the week 



Writer of the week 



Special mention for trying their very best all week mail


On the last week of term, Team Ali came to the end of their space topic. Along the journey, we have had the opportunity to discuss and research how we need to prepare ourselves for space travel and how exciting it is in space for new discoveries, however, we've also understood the difficulties we may face!.

The children have been working very hard all term investigating different ideas about space travel. As a result, Team Ali were given the opportunity to have a rocket drawing art competition which resulted in some fabulous pieces of art! Great effort Year 5! 

Rocket power space art

Team Ali is full of superstar children!

We think it is now time to celebrate their achievements weekly. 


Week ending 13th October 2017


Maths star of the week 



Writer of the week 



Scientist of the week



Egg-cracking experiments

In Topic we have been investigating whether it would be possible to send people into space to live. We have conducted many investigations along our journey to see whether it would be possible. Last week, I gave Team Ali the task of creating a parachute that would allow an egg to have a safe landing after being dropped from 2 meters in the air. This gave the children the chance to see which materials would be the most effective for safe landing in a space capsule. 

The winning engineers are:

Team 1 - Maximus, Riley, Callum, Josiah

Team 2 - Lakeysha, Liana, Dawn, 

Team Ali have been learning all about 'Outer Space'. Working with Mrs Binoy once a week, they have written some fabulous poems. They have been working hard to think about rhythm and rhyme. During the rest of this half term they will be performing and reciting rap poems using some drums to help with the beat! Check back soon for a video of this!


Spectacular Space Poems

Team Snicket - last year


Teacher: Miss Burton

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Bride


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