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Year 5 – Team Determination

Team Determination Introduction:-

Welcome to the class page for Team Determination! We will be sharing photographs of our experiences and the amazing work which we will be producing throughout the school year. You will also find examples of newsletters so be sure to keep checking our page for important information and updates! The adults working with your children are Mr Straw, Mrs Woolley, Mrs Newton and Mrs Shelley. Please feel free to ask any questions which you may have.

Team letters

Team Determination team letter - Autumn 1 2020-21

Teamwork from Rilan, Kaydan and Summer to complete their fairground ride.

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Karina's fairground model

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The McTwist from Keelan and Iman

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Chloe's fairground ride

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Olivia's design

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Shiny Spinner by Vanessa and Claudia

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Lewis and Liam

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The Mega Wheel by Archie and Chloe

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Sienna's fairground ride

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Liam and Kaleb

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Elycia's fairground ride

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Imogen's fairground ride

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Year 5 have been making their own Ferris Wheels and Carousels.


Year 5 have used and applied their understanding of fair attractions during this topic to design and create their own Ferris Wheels or Carousels. Today we have begun to complete some of these models which are powered by an electric motor which enables them to spin. 


Why does Goose Fair come to Nottingham ?


Here is our amazing display showcasing our work from this half term so far. We have investigated the history of Goose Fair and discovered that it dates back over 700 years! The children researched information about key events such as the Nottingham Cheese Riots where the Mayor was knocked over by rolling cheese through to the modern attractions which entice visitors to the fair. The children have experienced riding on white knuckle rides through point of view videos and described their experiences. The children have also designed their own theme parks and created leaflets to attract guests of their own. The display includes a Giant Big Wheel complete with flashing lights and the children from Year 5 riding this attraction along with the Helter Skelter. 


Designing our own theme parks:


We started the morning by studying maps of Fantasy Island theme park in Ingoldmells and Alton Towers theme park in Staffordshire and watching videos of what it is like to visit a theme park. We shared our experiences of Goose Fair rides and attractions and remembered our roller coaster experience from last week. We used this information to discuss what our theme parks must include to be successful, before designing our own!

Roller coaster experience:


The children from Year 5 have reviewed some of the most extreme and exciting roller coasters in the world from the United Kingdom, Japan, Sweden and the USA. The children watched point of view videos on YouTube to experience the steep inclines, the vertical drops the loops, corkscrews and extreme speed of these white knuckle rides! As you can see from their expressions the children were immersed in this experience. The children gave each ride a star rating out of 5 before describing their emotions and whether they would like to experience this ride in person! The children then debated what made a great roller coaster before designing their own! 

Hand prints:


All of the children from Team Determination have been creating hand prints in our class colour which is orange. These hand prints will be featuring on displays throughout school and will be surrounding our classroom door in the corridor. 




Goose Fair Experience:


Our topic for this half term is "Why does Goose Fair come to Nottingham?" Team Determination sampled a range of fairground food associated with Goose Fair such as Mushy Peas, Candy Floss and Popcorn along with experiencing fairground music and attractions. We watched a range of videos showcasing Goose Fair from a point of view perspective to give the children an experience of the fairground to introduce this topic.




Our inspirational person Nelson Mandela:


The children from Year 5 have been investigating why Nelson Mandela is an inspirational person who embodies determination. We discovered some interesting information about his life and presented this on our class silhouette. The children completed different tasks which have been placed together to create our who class silhouette to showcase a range of facts and information. 





Practical Maths: 


Team Determination have been investigating the value of digits in 4 and 5 digit numbers. We used the place value counters to create these numbers before deciding the value of each digit.