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Year 5 - Team Determination

TEAM LETTERS - 2021-2022

Layers of soil experience:


Year 5 enjoyed learning about types of soil and layers of earth beneath the surface! Using different ingredients Year 5 enjoyed replicating the layers of soil. They layered their desert to represent the Bedrock, Parent Material, Subsoil, Top soil and Organic matter. The children labelled each layer of their desert and  drew a diagram showing the layers of soil which they had made. They especailly enjoyed eating their creation after their diagram was illustrated and labelled! 


Designing our own farm experience: 


As part of our topic "Where and how do fruits grow?" Year 5 were challenged with designing their own farm working with a partner and competing against the rest of the class. The children had to follow strict rules to measure how much of the farm could be used for animals and to grow crops. They had to decide which crops to plant and could be paid for each harvest. The children enjoyed calaculating how much money their farms would generate each year and compared this against other teams! 

Ice Skating Lessons at the National Ice Centre:


Year 5 enjoyed learning how to ice skate at the National Ice Centre in Nottingham for 6 weeks. The children's balance and confidence really progressed by the end of the Spring 1 half term. 


Animal Classification:


After studying Charles Darwin's theory of  "Survival of the fittest" and "Theory of Evolution" Year 5 were challenged to use and apply their understanding of animal groups to race against the clock and each other to successfully group 30 animals. The children ordered animals and creatures into groups of: Insects, Amphibians, Fish, Birds, Reptiles and Mammals. 

Designing our own creature:


After learning about evolution and how animals had adapted to suit their environment, Year 5 enjoyed the oppertunity to create and design their own creature which would undertake a "Survival of the fittest" challenge. Year 5 pitched their creatures head to head to compare their features and decide which animal would be best suited to surviving the challenges which they encountered. 

Galapagos Anchor Task:


Year 5 enjoyed investigating the amount of creatures that Charles Darwin observed during his expedition to the Galapagos islands. The children used and applied their understanding of formal multiplication methods to investigate the answers to a reasoning question to prove if an answer was either correct or incorrect using practical manipulative to represent the problem.


Charles Darwin Now Press Play Experience:


Year 5 took part in a Now Press Play experience of Charles Darwin's famous expedition to the Galapagos Islands and around the world as part of our topic  "How might humans evolve in a thousand years time?" They enjoyed the challenge of travelling to different continents and encountering animals which were endangered and discovered how some creatures had evolved. 

Strictly Springy! 


Year 5 performed an excellent dance routine to  "Under the mistletoe" by Justin Bieber as part of our Christmas production. It was fantastic to see so many parents attending our performances and the children being able to show off their costumes and dance moves!

Cinderella Pantomime:


Year 5 really enjoyed watching a pantomime of Cinderella performed by actors and actresses in our school hall. 

Why is Africa's past important today?


As part of our topic of "Why is Africa's past important today?" Year 5 enjoyed learning about ceremonial African masks and how they are used during rituals, celebrations and special events. The children used and applied their understanding of African culture to design and make their own ceremonial masks which were are all proudly displayed in class alongside their excellent writing about visiting the African continent and exploring famous landmarks such as Table Mountain, the Pyramids of Egypt and the savannah. 


What's out there? 


Here is our fantastic display which has been made using work from our "What's out there?" topic. The children used and applied their understanding of why planet Earth is a Goldilocks planet and explained why humans are not able to survive on any other planet in the Solar System. Our display also features space inspired artwork from the artist Lucien Rudaux. The background to the display has been hand painted by one of our excellent artists. 


Maths anchor task comparing 6 digit numbers:


Year 5  enjoyed using our Maths manipulative as part of an anchor task to investigate which 6 digit number was bigger and why. The children first made the numbers, before drawing them and calculating which number was bigger, before finally explaining their reasoning. 




Kensuke's Kingdom:


Year 5 are studiying the book Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo during our Vipers reading lessons. We acted out the scene where Micheal along with his Mum, Dad and their dog Stella set off from the harbour on their yacht to begin their adventure, being waved off by their friends and family.



Why is Earth a "Goldilocks Planet?"

Year 5 investigated if humans could live on another planet? We watched a documentary which explained how the conditions on each planet would cause the human body to react and acted these out using freeze frames. We discovered that Mercury would be an inhospitable planet to visit because the daytime temperature was over 800° during the daytime and a bone chilling -290° at night time. Year 5 were also shocked to learn that one day on Mercury is actually 58 days on Earth!  We learnt that on Mars a gravity was much weaker meaning if you weighed 75kg on Earth you would only weigh 25kg on Mars. Year 5 were stunned to discover that Venus is actually the planet in the Solar System with the warmest temperatures and that the pressure is so strong it would be the same as being 3000 feet underwater and this would give humans a tremendous headache! We discovered that because Jupiter is a gas giant there is no solid surface to even stand on and the children acted out floating through the planet. We discovered that Earth is actually a “Goldilocks Planet” which has the perfect conditions for humans to survive and live comfortably!


Misson To Mars:


As part of our topic "What's out there?" Year 5 experienced a Mission to Mars on board a space shuttle using our Now Press Play resource. The children experienced blasting through the Earth's atmosphere and reaching outer space before travelling towards Mars and having to solve problems on board the shuttle. The children really enjoyed their experience and applied their understanding when writing their own newspaper articles later in the week!