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Year 4 – Team Pop

Welcome to Year 4 - Team Pop


Teacher - Year 4 - Miss Seabridge

Teaching Assistant - Year 4 - Mr Baggett / Mrs Bride


Team letters

Top Tips For Reading At Home

Team Toucans - Autumn 1 - How do we see? How do we hear? Launch - A visit from a Guide Dog!

Team Pop have made board games this week.

Team Pop and Team Country went to the Tropical Butterfly House today, we had fun!

Team Pop have written brilliant 2 page reports about games!

Team Pop launched our next topic ‘how have games changed?’ by playing lots of different games. There were new and old games to play and we compared the similarities and differences between them. We also worked on our cooperation and made sure that we took turns, played fairly and got on well in our groups.

Team Pop designed and made fairground game stalls. We then showed them to the rest of the school and parents and carers. It was lots of fun!

We have written newspaper reports about Robin Hood and tea stained them to make them look old.

Team Pop thought about what a town needs and designed our own towns.

We have drawn maps of Bulwell to start our topic 'Why does Bulwell exist?'

Team Pop had a Victorian school experience today. The children had to write neatly, play Victorian games and follow the strict rules!

Team Pop's caterpillars have made their chrysalis! We are excited to see them transform into butterflies.

We have made compost in bottles after we learned how much better it is to compost food scraps, rather than throw them in the bin.

We labelled the different parts of insects.

Red Nose Day!

I am so impressed with Team Pop's minibeast non-chronological reports!

Team Pop focused on Peter Pan for World Book Day.

Team Pop went on a bug hunt today as part of our topic 'Are bugs important?'

Year 4 had a Brazilian carnival, we made masks, learned how to samba and made chocolate truffles!

We have had some brilliant rainforest homework in already, a 3D model of the Amazon and a sloth!

This is our topic display, we have been learning all about Brazil and the rainforest.

Team Pop have designed and built boats to get down the Amazon river.

Team Pop had fun at the Sports Festival!

We have created some art work, looking at the patterns of the animals that live in the rainforest and tribal art.

Team Pop have been learning all about the Amazon rainforest and the animals that live there.

Our elf Jack Frost is on a sleigh today, being pulled by some very strange animals!

We had an amazing time with Mr Pepper yesterday! We did lots of fun superhero work and made our own superhero film.

Team Pop had a times table hunt outside.

We made light up pictures, using our knowledge of circuits.

Team Pop looked brilliant on crazy hair and hat day for Children in Need.

Team Pop have been investigating circuits this week.

Team Pop did an assembly today all about pop music. They really enjoyed it and loved seeing everyone who came to watch!

We have been making Sukkahs that Jews build to celebrate Sukkot.

Some of the children in Team Pop have made brilliant castles as part of their bingo home learning!

Year 3 and 4 have had a rich Tudor feast and also a poor Tudor meal.

We have been learning about the slaves who built the pyramids and thinking about how we would feel if we were a slave.

Team Pop have been learning about the ancient Egyptians. We created some art to transform ourselves into Pharaohs.

Welcome to Year 4!

Team Disney


Teacher: - Miss Seabridge

Teaching Assistant: - Mrs Woolley


Welcome to the Team Disney's web page.  We will be using this to keep you up to date with all the fun learning activities we do in year 4.

Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let us know!

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Today Team Disney have been visited by someone from the RSPB. We went on the field to find bugs and birds.

We spotted one of the Robin Hood robins in Nottingham.

Team Disney went on our trip to MOD Pizza today, we had so much fun!

More brilliant homework, linking to our topic 'European National Study'. Brilliant work!

We have been researching European countries in topic lessons. We used this knowledge to label the map on our display.

Team Disney worked hard in maths last week, we were learning our 6 times table.

In maths we have been measuring different objects in the classroom and adding and subtracting weights.

Ali the artist came in to our class today, we have really enjoyed creating traditional tale art work with her.

We have had even more brilliant homework related to our topic this half term! We are so proud of Team Disney's effort and their enthusiasm towards home learning.

Team Disney had fun on our royal wedding afternoon! We ate strawberries, chocolate and cream and got to make crowns, flags and invitations.

Team Disney have designed and made chocolate bars and wrappers in design and technology, we really enjoyed it!

We have completed a science investigation to find out how our heart rate changes when we exercise.

Team Disney's topic this half term is 'What happens inside us?' We have been learning about our organs and labelling them on our display.

Team Disney have brought in some brilliant entries for the egg competition!

Some children from Team Disney got to go to Bulwell Camp with Miss Seabridge, Mrs Woolley, Mr Straw, Mrs Pembleton and Team Lauda. We had lots of fun!

Team Disney have finished a brilliant display on our topic 'From a Railway Carriage'. We are very proud of all the great work on it!

World Book Day!

Team Disney have been sketching different settings this half term, we have focused on the shadows in the pictures and tried to copy that by shading our work.

Team Disney have been learning about the Aztecs and their chocolate. We looked at Aztec masks and patterns and made our own.

In Year 4, we have been learning about myths. This week we have had a go at writing our own exciting myths!

Team Disney have been doing gymnastics this half term.

Today, Team Disney have designed, described and created Christmas scenes.

Our elf Candycane left us a note in the classroom.

Team Disney loved watching the pantomime today! We created some winter art before the pantomime too, so we have had a very fun afternoon.

We went ice skating in our pyjamas, for children in need.

Team Disney have found a dragon egg! We are taking good care of it and hope it hatches soon.

We have been learning about news reports in Team Disney.

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This half term Team Disney have been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. Last week we wrote newspaper reports about the exciting parts of the story.

We have been exploring shadows by creating a shadow puppet show in groups.

smileyTeam Riddellsmiley- last year


Teacher: Mrs Daniels

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Radford


Welcome to the Team Riddell web page.  We will be using this to keep you up to date with all the fun learning activities we do in year 4.

Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let us know!

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