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Year 4 – Team Inspiration

Team Inspiration Introduction:-


Welcome to Team Inspiration, 


We are very excited to welcome you all back into our school! As always, we are making sure that you all feel comfortable settling back into the school. You will be able to learn in a safe, caring and fun environment.


We will be spending the first two weeks settling back in; learning the new expectations and understanding what our team name actually means. Our inspirational person, who links to our Team name, is Michelle Obama. (Pictured above.) She is a very interesting woman who has made great changes in her community and globally. Michelle has worked hard through her life to be the best she can be! She aspired to be a lawyer when she was younger. Through hard work and determination, Michelle achieved her goal. Michelle has many strings to her bow: mother, wife, chairing charities, helping the community, lawyer, first black first lady to the President of the United States, and many more. 

We will be adding photos and videos of all the fun activities Team Inspiration will be taking part in. This page will also showcase the amazing work that the children will be completing. The website will be updated regularly so please keep checking back for the latest work. :-)


The adults working with Year 4 this year are: Miss Boden, Mrs Radford, Ms Street and Mrs Newton. Please feel free to contact us or book an appointment to ask us any questions you may have.


Miss Boden :-)

Team letters

Team Inspiration Team Letter - Summer 2 2020-2021

Team Inspiration team letter - Autumn 1 - 2020-21

Team Inspiration team letter - Autumn 2 2020-2021

Team Inspiration - How does electricity work

Team Inspiration's Euro champions

History - Archaeological dig - What does it mean?

History - Foraging for fruit and crushing them with stones

Graffiti art - Banksy inspired

Science - Labelling parts of a plant

Geography - map reading

For and against - graffiti debate

Creating our own graffiti art (Summer 1)

Easter Island statue created by a member of Team Inspiration

Making our own chocolate mini-beasts (Easter)

Creating our creature eye museum (Spring 2)

Mini-beast hunt (Spring 2)

Understanding how fossils are made - using bread and jelly worms. (Spring 2)

Monday 8th March - We were so happy that all the children were back in school today! We worked in teams to create insect houses, wrote bug poetry (simile poems and haikus), drew detailed butterflies and completed some construction tasks. :-)

Spring 2 -Are bugs important? - W/B. 22nd February 2021 - Packs :-)

Week 6 - Rainforest - Tricky weekly pack

Week 6 - Rainforest - Trickier weekly pack

Week 6 - Rainforest - Trickiest weekly pack

Chapter 5 - full version :-)

Still image for this video

Jeremiah in the Dark Woods - chapter 4 - full version :-)

Still image for this video

Jeremiah in the Dark Woods - chapter 3 - full version :-)

Still image for this video
Hey everyone, I hope you have all had a lovely day exploring the first chapter of the story - Jeremiah in the dark woods. I have already seen some great pieces of work around this. Remember the work you post this week, will be put into our own Springfield film so send as much across as you can please! Seeing your home learning really makes us smile 😀

Check out part 2 - you may see someone very familiar!

Where have we ended up? Watch the video before completing the writing task!

Still image for this video

Monday - Day one - themed week

Friday 29th January - Trickiest activities :-)

Friday 29th January - Trickiest packs :-)

Friday 29th January - Trickier activities :-)

Friday 29th January - Trickier pack :-)

Friday 29th January - Tricky activities :-)

Friday 29th January - Tricky pack :-)

Thursday 28th January - Trickiest activities :-)

Thursday 28th January - Trickiest pack :-)

Thursday 28th January - Trickier activities :-)

Thursday 28th January - Trickier pack :-)

Thursday 28th January - Tricky activities :-)

Thursday 28th January - Tricky pack :-)

Wednesday 27th January - Trickiest activities :-)

Wednesday 27th January - Trickiest pack :-)

Wednesday 27th January - Trickier activities :-)

Wednesday 27th January - Trickier pack :-)

Wednesday 27th January - Tricky activities :-)

Wednesday 27th January - Tricky pack :-)

Tuesday 26th January - Trickiest activities :-)

Tuesday 26th January - Trickiest pack :-)

Tuesday 26th January - Trickier activities :-)

Tuesday 26th January - Trickier pack :-)

Tuesday 26th January - Tricky activities :-)

Tuesday 26th January - Tricky pack :-)

Monday 25th January - Trickiest activities:-)


Spring 1 - Would you rather live in America? 

Monday 25th January - Trickiest pack :-)

Monday 25th January - Trickier activities:-)

Monday 25th January - Trickier pack :-)

Monday 25th January - Tricky activities:-)

Monday 25th January - Tricky pack :-)

Friday's home learning pack 😊

Thursday's home-learning pack :-)

Thursday's home-learning :-)

Wednesday's home-learning pack :-)

Wednesday's home learning 😊

Tuesday's home learning😊

Monday's home-learning :-)

Monday's home learning :-)

Wednesday's home learning 😊