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Year 3 – Team Courage

Welcome to Team Courage
Year 3  


Welcome to Team Courage, 

We are so excited to have you all back! Things may be slightly different to normal but we are making sure you are all able to learn and achieve in a safe, fun atmosphere. 
We will be updating the website regularly to keep you all informed about all the exciting things Team Courage will be doing! We will be uploading some of the children's fabulous work and adding on some photos, which will show some of the children's learning.

Keep checking! smiley

Team letters

Team Courage team letter - Autumn 1 2020-21

Team Courage have been embedding their place value knowledge by playing different maths games

This week, we have been concentrating on the Tudors, we have focused on the types of buildings made in this time, the disaster that is the Great Fire of London and we finished by having a Tudor banquet!

Team Courage have been using place value counters to solve different mathematical problems

Team Courage have been exploring how life was like as an Ancient Egyptian slave. Pulling the weight of pyramid blocks to see how exhausted the slaves must have been!

We have been exploring the book - The Colour Monster. The children have been exploring their feelings and discussing the reasons behind them. We have made felt Colour Monsters to reflect on how we feel!

Team Courage have been on an expedition just like our inspirational person - Ranulph Fienes

Team Courage have been showing their maths skills by making 2-digit numbers using base 10

Wow! Team Courage have come back and settled in brilliantly to KS2. They have been learning some new skills today and showing courage to try something new 😀

We are showing COURAGE by being superheroes! 😀