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Year 3 – Team Courage

Welcome to Team Courage
Year 3  


Welcome to Team Courage, 

We are so excited to have you all back! Things may be slightly different to normal but we are making sure you are all able to learn and achieve in a safe, fun atmosphere. 
We will be updating the website regularly to keep you all informed about all the exciting things Team Courage will be doing! We will be uploading some of the children's fabulous work and adding on some photos, which will show some of the children's learning.

Keep checking! smiley

Team letters

Team Courage team letter - Autumn 2 2020-2021

Team Courage team letter - Autumn 1 2020-21

Wow what a celebration of the children's work. The children have made artefacts from the prehistoric era, the Viking era and the Roman era. They have really worked hard to complete their very own history museum.

Team Courage have had a great day celebrating the 10 year celebration of Djanogly! We had a silent disco, played in the bubble machine and made birthday cards.

Team Courage have been making Viking helmets this week

We have been exploring patterns and textures from the Bell Beaker Folk using clay!

Team Courage have become archaeologists this week by making predictions and judgements on objects from the past.

Team Courage have also been having a go at making their own prehistoric house.

We all had a great day exploring our new topic - How have crafts changed? Team Courage have been exploring what it would have been like for the prehistoric man to gather and preserve their fruit.

Check out Team Courage and their wind chimes that they have made to brighten up their local environment!

Check out some of the children's book trailers!

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We had a great day exploring books in our pyjamas!

Team Courage have been going on a expedition using a map and a compass. They have understood how to read a four-figure grid reference and used this to find different locations.

Team Courage have also been exploring the artist and architect Hundertwasser. They have designed and made their own Hundertwasser inspired buildings. We have some architects in the making here.

This week, Team Courage have been learning about the famous artist - Banksy. Here are the children becoming graffiti artists for themselves.

The children have been looking at short division and dividing three digit numbers by a 1 digit number for the last two weeks. Here are the children practically showing this.

The children have been exploring the question, 'How can we improve the urban environment?' They have been learning about different camera angles and exploring their environment at a closer look. We have some inspiring photographers in Team Courage.

We have been exploring the use of paint on our bug sculptures!

We have been producing some great arrays using place value counters.

The children have been making bugs from clay. They have designed and made them with lots of details.

We have been exploring extra-ordinary plants this week. The children acted out the story about a rare plant who needed to be saved. Good work Team Courage!

The ants go marching... The children have been playing a range of instruments to the beat of the tune

Did you know? The children have been making a carnivorous Venus Flytrap today.

We have been planting sunflowers today to help save the bees. BUZZZZZZZZ. The children have also learned about the stages of germination and are keeping an eye out for the first stage.

Buzzzzzzzz! We got the VR headsets out today and explored inside a beehive.

We are so pleased to see everyone back in the classroom! We have missed you all. The children got introduced today into our topic all about BUGS! They looked at the characteristics of different insects and created their very own.

Chapter 5 full version

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Jeremiah in the Dark Woods - chapter 4 - full version :-)

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Jeremiah in the Dark Woods - chapter 3 - full version :-)

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Hey everyone, I hope you have all had a lovely day exploring the first chapter of the story - Jeremiah in the dark woods. I have already seen some great pieces of work around this. Remember the work you post this week, will be put into our own Springfield film so send as much across as you can please! Seeing your home learning really makes us smile 😀

Check out part 2 - you may see someone very familiar!

Where have we ended up? Watch the video before completing the writing task!

Still image for this video

Jeremiah in the Dark Woods - chapter 3 - full version :-)

Monday - Day one - themed week

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