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Year 3 – Team Country

Welcome to Year 3 - Team Country


Teacher - Year 3 - Miss Urbacz

Teaching Assistant - Year 3 - Mrs Doyle


Team letters

Top Tips For Reading At Home

On Friday, Team Country had a toy day linked with our Topic - How have games changed? They used their experience to think about the materials the toys are made with, how have they changed throughout the years and how they are different between their peers. 

Team country experienced playing board games throughout the ages. They learned new rules and strategies to the games and identified similarities and differences between the games they would normally play at home. The children wondered about why games have developed and why people today still choose to play games founded in the past.

Team Country and Team Pop's games fair

Step 3 - designing our banner to attract our customers!

Step 2 - making our game! The children have been problem solving in order to make a working game.

Y3 and 4 are having an enterprise week. They have been designing a game stall for parents and children to play in business teams. Step 1 - discussing a business idea!

The second part of the Bulwell Arts Festival was to have an art afternoon creating collage pieces around our class poem! We had a lovely afternoon getting messy.

Team Country are taking part in Bulwell Arts Festival, because of this Team Country had a story teller in. They heard lots of interesting stories and discussed how the stories made them feel. We had a great morning!

Team Country went back in time to a Victorian classroom to understand why schools and towns have had to develop.

The class went on camp! Team country really did themselves proud and we all had heaps of fun making friendship bracelets, playing games, building towers and setting up their tents. The class made some great memories together and I know the staffs highlight from the trip was finding Rilan making himself comfy in Miss Urbacz's bed and going to sleep when we got home! :) The photos above really capture how much fun the children had!

On the 21st, Team Country have been supporting the awareness of World Down syndrome Day!

Ice skating - Team country have made us all proud with their ice skating skills. Maybe we have the next Torvil and Dean.

Team country have been observing insects - thank you to Annatiaga for bringing in her insect collection.

The caterpillars have turned into their chrysalis. It will not be long till they metamorphosise into beautiful butterflies!

Our caterpillars are growing - next stop chrysalis!

We have had a new visitor arrive in Team Country this week - creepy, crawly caterpillars!

Congratulations Elycia, you have made it to number 4 in the whole school!

Team Country have been finding the perimeter of shapes around the classroom!

Our butterfly descriptions

Are Bugs Important Team Country?

Bulwell Sports Festival


Team country did themselves proud at the Y3 Sports Festival. They showed great sportsmanship and enthusiam in everything they did. We had a lot of fun aswell! 

Well done to Reece for making it on our Hall of Fame for times tables!

Team country's rainforest writing!

Christingle time!

Team Country had a lovely afternoon making Christingles with Mr Palmer. The children will be telling us all about it in our Christingle assembly on Friday morning! Merry Christmas!

Team Country are superstars!

Team Country had a blast singing Christmas songs at Morrisons, raising money for our new stage. After a total count by the children, we had raised £63! Well done Team Country!

Children in need 2018 - crazy hat and hair day in Team Country!

We believe Team Country are the greatest builders!

Our Tudor banquet

This week our learning focus has been all around the terrible Tudors! The children have been experiencing a Tudor banquet fit for Henry VIII and then went next door to experience a normal dinner of a Tudor peasant. 

Welcome to Team Country, 

we will be updating the website regularly to keep you all informed about all the exciting things Team Country are doing! We will be uploading some of the children's fabulous work and adding on some photos, which will show some of the learning the children will be doing.

Keep checking! :) 


Miss Urbacz and Mrs Doyle. 

Welcome to Year 3!

Team Lauda


Teacher: - Mr Straw

Teaching Assistant: - Mrs Pembleton


Welcome to the Team Lauda's web page. We will be using this page to keep you up to date with all the fun activities we get involved in.

Homework: Please try to read a book at home each night to complete our "Race to 100 challenge!"


We send home 15 spellings each week and test them on each Thursday.




This weeks spellings are: 

Orange group:                Green, Blue and Purple group:

1. that                                   1. learn

2.then                                   2. length

3. because                             3. medicine

4. accident                            4. mention

5. accidentally                       5. minute

6. address                             6. natural

7. answer                              7. naughty

8. appear                               8. notice

9. arrive                                9. occasion

10. could                              10. occasionally

11. would                              11. often

12. should                            12. opposite

13. Tuesday                         13. ordinary

14. Wednesday                    14. particular

15. December                      15. peculiar



Sports Festival at the Bulwell Academy Thursday 6th December 2017:




Ice Skating during the Autumn One Half term:



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Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games and visit some cool websites.


Team Simon - last year


Teacher: - Mr Straw

Teaching Assistant: - Mrs Woolley


Welcome to the Team Simon web page.  We will be using this page to keep you up to date with all the fun activities we get involved in.

Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let us know!

Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games and visit some cool websites.

Drumming at the Bulwell Groove

Please return your permission slip for our Sherwood Forest trip on Thursday 13th July as soon as possible! 

Weekly spellings to be tested on Thursday 13th July:


Orange group:                Green, Blue and Purple group:

1. where                                   1. complete

2.were                                     2. completely

3. wear                                    3. consider

4. which                                  4. considered

5. with                                    5. continue

6. this                                     6. continued

7. because                              7. experience

8. fruit                                   8. experiment

9. group                                  9. different

10. different                          10. differently

11. difficult                            11. difficult

12. heard                                12. difficulty

13. heart                                13. grammar

14. woman                               14. group

15. women                               15. fruit