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Year 2 – Team Whales

Welcome to Year 2 - Team Whales


Welcome to Team Whales, 


We will update our class page regularly with the exciting things we are learning about. We will upload photos and videos of the activities we do to enhance our learning and share some of the amazing work we produce. 


If you have any questions about what you see on our page, or in general, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff in class. 


Mr Ward, Mrs Doyle and Mrs Hopkinson


Team letters 2019-20

Special Mentions – 17th July 2020

Good morning Team Whales!

This week’s Special Mentions go to Poppy and Isabella C laugh

We hope that you’ve all had a great week and enjoyed the den building activities. Have a lovely weekend everyone yes

Special Mentions - 10th July 2020

Happy Friday Team Whales smiley

We have had a lovely time doing the Springy-Vegas activities.

This week's Special Mentions go to Hadley and Liam yes

Here is your "Spring Vegas" Activity pack

Here is your Basic Skills Timetable

Here are your Maths Activities for the week.

Here are your SPaG Activities for the week.

Here are your Reading Activities for the week.

Special Mentions 3rd July 2020

Hi Team Whales!

We hope that you have enjoyed Alien week both in school and at home laugh

This week's Special Mentions go to Millie-Rae and A.J.

Well done you two, keep up the great work yes

Timetable for Alien week (29th June 2020)

Our Alien themed activities

Maths Activities

Spelling and Grammar Activities

Reading Activities

Special Mentions 26th June 2020

Happy Friday Team Whales!

This week's Special Mentions go to Alyssia and Sebastian laugh

The work this week has been amazing both at school and from home so keep it up. It's lovely to see how much effort everyone is putting in to the activities yes

Week beginning 22nd June - Timetable and PE and Positive Tasks

Maths Tasks

Reading Tasks

Writing Tasks

Spelling Tasks

Special Mentions - 19th June 2020

Good morning Team Whales!

We hope that you have all had a great week and the rain hasn't stopped you all from smiling laugh

This week's Special Mentions go to Liam and Lacey. Well done yes

Have a good weekend and stay safe everyone.

Information for the week beginning 15th June 2020

Maths tasks

Spelling tasks

Reading tasks

Writing tasks

Special Mentions - 12th June 2020

Hi Team Whales.

It's been lovely to see all the work that's been going on in both school and at home this week.

Everyone is really proud of you all laugh

This week's Special Mentions go to Shanaya and Poppie yes Well done guys.

Week Beginning 8th June 2020

This week's work is all about rainbows. Here is your timetable, PE activity card, creative and keeping positive task. The rest of the pack will follow underneath. 




Rainbow unit work (Part 1)

Rainbow unit work (Part 2)

Maths work

Spelling work

Special Mentions - 5th June 2020

Hello Team Whales, I hope you've all had a great week.

This week's Special Mentions go to Kaiden and Zairon yes Well done everyone for all the fantastic work. 

Stay safe and see you all soonlaugh

Week beginning 1st June 2020

Good morning, we hope you managed to have a lovely half-term break and enjoyed the lovely weather. This week's learning is slightly different with most activities linking to the "Elves and the Shoemaker" tale. 

Here is your timetable, creative task and "keeping positive" activity. The rest of the work will follow below. 



PE Activity Cards

Elves and the Shoemaker work



Special Mentions - 22nd May 2020

Well done for yet another week of fantastic work Team Whales laugh

This week's Special Mentions got to Ava and Emmie  yes

Enjoy the half term break.

Stay safe and enjoy the sunshine!

Week Beginning 18th May 2020

PE Tasks

Maths Tasks

Spelling Tasks

Reading Tasks

Writing Tasks

Special Mentions 15th May 2020

Hello Team Whales.

It's Friday again and we hope that you are all well.

This week's Special Mentions go to Brayden and Harry yes well done you two!

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe laugh

Work for the week beginning 11th May 2020

PE tasks

Maths tasks

Spelling tasks

Reading tasks

Writing tasks

Special Mentions - 7th May 2020

Hello Team Whales!

This week's Special Mentions go to Hadley and Sebastian. Well done guys!

The work that everyone is sending in is amazing laugh so keep it up.

Take care and stay safe.

Work for the week beginning 4th May 2020

This week we will be setting the work in a slightly different way. Below is the timetable with activities to do this week. Following that, there will be four separate posts (Maths, Spelling, Reading and Writing) and you can choose what type work you do each day.

I would aim to complete 4 activities a day including a creative or keep positive activity.

Physical Activities

Maths work

Spelling and Phonics work

Reading work

Writing work

Keep Positive activity

Special Mentions - 1st May 2020

Good morning Team Whales.

This week's Special Mentions go to Alyssia and Nicholas.

There was so much great work on the class dojo this week. Keep up the good work!

Stay safe and keep smiling smiley

Suggested timetable for the week beginning 27th April 2020

Here is the suggested timetable for the week. Work will be uploaded every morning and packs can be collected from the school offices, please follow social distancing guidelines when collecting. 

We would like to stress, this is a suggested timetable and other activities (gardening, cooking, cleaning, reading, crafts, board games and jigsaws) are just as valuable in this unusual time. 

Friday 1st May - Work

Class Read - Thursday 30th April

Still image for this video

Thursday 30th April - work

Wednesday 29th April - Work

Class Read - Tuesday 28th April

Still image for this video

Tuesday 28th April - work

Class Read - Monday 27th April

Still image for this video

Monday 27th April - Work

Class read - Friday 24th April

Still image for this video

Special Mentions 24th April 2020

Good morning Team Whales! This week's Special Mentions go to Anthony-James and Isabella.

Well done and keep up the good work! smiley We are all really proud of you. 

Weekly Timetable: 20th - 24th April

We hope you have had a lovely Easter. Here is the timetable of work for this week. You can do the daily activities in an order that works best for you and remember children of this age work best chunking their learning into smaller sections. Each day I will post a series of photos (on here and Class Dojo) that you can click and enlarge. If you would like the document for printing at home please either message via Class Dojo or the parent email. 

Friday 24th April - Work

Class Read - Thursday 23rd April

Still image for this video

Thursday 23rd April - work

Class Read - Wednesday 22nd April

Still image for this video

Wednesday 22nd April - Work

Class Read - Tuesday 21st April

Still image for this video

Tuesday 21st April - work

Class Read - 20th April

Still image for this video

Monday 20th April - work

Easter Challenges

We should be starting our Easter Holidays. Instead we find ourselves in a very unusual time. Please make sure that you are still treating the holiday as a fun break, full of family time (making sure that you are following government guidance) and eating lots of chocolate. 

During the Easter holidays there will be a Daily challenge for you to have a go at. You can do it straight into your book or print it off if you can.

We are also running a Reading Bingo to earn 10 bonus Dojo points, as well as the RED TED rewards you can get when we return.

If you have any questions, please message me on Class Dojo. Have fun and stay safe – Mr Ward.

Easter Challenge - 17th April 2020

Can you write yourself a letter about everything that has happened so far whilst you have been off school? Maybe you could think about what you have enjoyed most each week, things you have worried about or what you are excited to do when we start getting back to normal. Today's challenge also has a section where your parents can also write a letter to you - something that you can all look back at in the future. 

Even though this is the last directed task for the time capsule, feel free to continue adding to it over the coming weeks.  


Easter Challenge - 16th April

Easter Challenge - 15th April

Easter Challenge - Tuesday 14th April

Good morning, I hope you all had a lovely Easter and ate lots of chocolate. This is a very unusual time for us all and one that we will hopefully never have to go through again. During tough times people often create Time Capsules to remember how they felt and what they did to keep positive. Over the next few days I would like you to create your very own Time Capsule. Use these pages to help make a start and think about the important things you would like to remember - you can do whatever front cover you would like. 


Easter Challenge - Thursday 9th April

Easter is a very special time for Christians and it is when they remember the end of Jesus' life and what he did for humans. Please use the videos below to learn more about what Easter is. Can you then draw your own comic strip about Easter? I have put two example comic strips below to help you. 


The Christian Story of Easter | Religions of the World


Holy Week and Easter explained with LEGO

Easter Challenge - Wednesday 8th April

Can you solve these Maths challenges? Remember you can either print the pages out or just work straight into your book.





Say the question out loud first and work out what you will need to do. You can use your 100 square from your home learning pack. Remembering drawing Base 10 and groups will help solve some Maths problems.

Easter Challenge - Tuesday 7th April

Today’s Easter Challenge is to write some sentences about what you can see in Spring. Remember everything we have spoken about in class; use adjectives to add detail, make sentences longer by using “and”, “so”, “but” or “because” and try to use the proper names/words of things to make your sentence sound better.

You can think of what you might see in Spring by yourself or use the sheets to help give you some ideas.


Easter Challenge - Monday 6th April

Chickens and chicks are often associated with Spring and Easter. Can you make your own chicken hand print?


If you don't have paints (or just don't want to get messy) you could draw around your hand and colour it in.

For an extra challenge, write a set of instructions to say how you made your chicken. Remember you will need: a "How to make a..." title, what you will need, instructions in order, numbers to show the order, bossy doing words (imperative verbs) and some interesting details. 

Class read - Friday 3rd April - read by Mr Ward

Still image for this video

Class read - Thursday 2nd April - read by Mr Ward

Still image for this video

Class read - Wednesday 1st April - read by Mr Ward

Still image for this video

Class read - Tuesday 31st March - read by Mr Ward

Still image for this video

Class read - Monday 30th March - read by Mr Ward

Still image for this video

Closure Week 1 - Your amazing stories!

Class read - Friday 27th March - read by Mr Ward

Still image for this video

Class read - Thursday 26th March - read by Mr Ward

Still image for this video

Class read - Wednesday 25th March - read by Mr Ward

Still image for this video

WOW - blown away by the hard work we have been sent and how everyone is keeping safe and active

Class read - Tuesday 24th March 2020 - read by Mr Ward

Still image for this video

Team Whales' Class read - Monday 23rd March 2020 - read by Mr Ward

Still image for this video

 Dear Team Whales 


Our school is closing just for a while, 

But our learning will not stop, just change in style.

There's a very nasty virus which we don't want you to get, 

So it's best to stay at home but try not to get upset. 


It's okay if you feel a little scared or sad, 

It's hard when things are different but not everything is bad. 

We will be at our houses and you will be at yours, 

You will carry on with learning and play and help with chores. 


Be sure to write a timetable of what to do each day, 

Include our Maths and English tasks but don't forget to play.

Whilst many things are changing some things will stay the same, 

We are still your teachers and Team Whales is still our name.


We'll help support each other and keep in touch for sure, 

Once everything is safe again we'll run back through the door. 

We'll be back with our friends again at school and parties too,

but whilst things are different we'll send you lots to do. 


With love from

Mr Ward, Mrs Doyle, Mrs Hopkinson and Mrs Newton

This poem was copied from a teacher from another school. 

18th March - Woodland habitats and the importance of shelters

Wednesday 11th March 2020 - Worm hunting for our science experiment

Our fantastic characters from Room on the Broom

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Monday 2nd March 2020 - Superbat

Today we had great fun reading Superbat by Matt Carr. We discussed what type of story it was and found the key sections of a "wishing tale". In groups we then acted out these key moments and recorded them to help us write our own story. 











Teddy Tuesday - 11th February

Tuesday 4th February 2020 - Secret reader

Today we were visited by a secret reader; Miss Boden! We loved hearing one of her favourite stories about a girl called Georgie and her quest against a dragon. The book was called Georgie and the Dragon (Jets) by Julia Jarman.





Week beginning 20th January - how puppets helped us learn the story of Chinese New Year

Week beginning 20th January - planting seeds and beans

Tuesday 14th January - Fun at the carnival!

Still image for this video
Today we held our Brazilian carnival to kick-start our topic. We dressed up in our bright coloured t-shirts and wore our sparkly headdresses. We listened to carnival music and watched a clip of a Brazilian carnival. We also learnt some Samba steps and moved in time to the music. We made our own short movie clip using the green screen - check out the videos below!

Fun at the Carnival

Still image for this video

Fun at the Carnival

Still image for this video

Fun at the Carnival

Still image for this video

Fun at the Carnival

Still image for this video

Monday 13th January - carnival headdresses

Today we began looking at the culture of Brazil; particularly life at the carnival. We watched a short clip of a carnival in Rio de Janeiro and discussed the outfits that they wear. We used these ideas to design and create our very own masks so that we can have our own carnival.








Monday 13th January - Mr Dan the Skipping Man

Thursday 19th December - Hand Puppets

Following our work with toys and hearing "The Elves and the Shoemaker" story, we designed and sewed our on puppets. First, we planned what our puppet was going to look like and considered who might use it. Then, we spoke about the best way to join our decorations and added detail. Finally, we followed the pattern and holes to sew our puppets together. 







Children in Need - Friday 15th November


The children loved bringing their teddies into school and reading with them. Thank you to all those that offered donations to support a brilliant cause. We hope the children continue to read with their teddies at home. 


Thursday 7th November - Today we brought in our favourite toys and discussed what they were made from and how they work. We found that most of them had plastic somewhere, some had fluffy material and a lot of them had electrical parts to make them move, talk or light up.

Sunday 13th October - Junior Parkrun


A huge congratulations to those children from Team Whales that took part in a very wet and muddy Junior Parkrun this weekend. It was great to see so much support from family and friends for the children as they completed their 2km run around Forest Recreational Ground. Head over to the Gallery section of the website to see a video and some pictures of the children in action. 


We would also like to congratulate all those children that have been regularly attending the running club after school on Thursdays. We understand that not all children were able to get to the Junior Parkrun but want to acknowledge all the hard work and effort the children have put in over the past six weeks.

Wednesday 9th October - Making jam sandwiches


This week we have been looking at the features of instructions. In particular we have learnt that an imperative verb is a bossy, doing word and usually found at the start of a command type of sentence. Today we got to make jam sandwiches and thought about the order of the steps it takes to make them - we even got to eat them!



We will be writing our instructions tomorrow. 

Tuesday 8th October - Making and decorating musical shakers

Tuesday 1st October - Our version of Vivaldi's Four Seasons

Still image for this video
This afternoon we explored a range of instruments and composed music to represent a season. We thought about the tempo and dynamic of our piece and discussed which instruments would be best for each season. At the end we arranged our pieces and followed a conductor to play the seasons in order.

Week Beginning 30th September - our independent stories during Core Skills

Wednesday 18th September - Harvest Festival

Monday 16th September - The Magic Paintbrush


Last week we learned the ancient tale of Ma Ling and The Magic Paintbrush. Today we practised retelling the story as a class before we start to make improvements to the tale and change key events. We have filmed our retell and you can view it via a QR code on one of our classroom displays.



Tuesday 10th September - exploring the Maths Tool kits to represent numbers up to 100