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Year 1 – Team Disco

Welcome to Year 1 - Team Disco


Teacher - Year 1 - Mr Ward

Teaching Assistant - Year 1 - Mrs Pembleton

Team letters

Top Tips For Reading At Home

Wednesday 19th June 2019 - The children had great fun at the Sports Festival at Bulwell Academy this morning.

On Monday 10th June, we were visited by a pirate who went by the name of "Tommy the Teller". He shared one of his ancient tales about a boy called Kassim and a greedy pirate. We will be learning the story over the coming weeks and even writing our own pirate tale. 



Thank you for all your hard work over the holidays. The children's vehicles all looked amazing at the Drive-In Cinema!

After a busy morning, working hard, Team Disco had good fun playing in the EYFS playground. The children still enjoy exploring the environment and making their own games.

Team Disco have been looking at how to make 2 digit numbers with Base 10. Some of us have even started to add 2 digit numbers with our Base 10.

Today we have used the Base 10 to work out addition problems involving 2 digit numbers.

We had great fun building up a word bank about what we could see, hear, smell and feel, whilst out in a field on a sunny day (just like Mr Gumpy's Motor Car), ready for our descriptive writing. Our fun trip out in a sunny field could only finish in one way - rolling down a grassy hill!

DT: Making buggies - practising how to attach the wheels

Making 2-digit numbers with Base 10


Today we have explored using the Base 10 equipment to make 2 digit numbers.


We had to understand which number tells us how many “one” cubes we need and which number tells us how many “ten” sticks we need.


DT: Making buggies - practising how to join the frame

Street Dance PE

Cycle City


This week we have looked at the book Cycle City by Alison Farrell. Together we have created actions to help retell the story - we'd love to share the story with you! After story mapping the text as a group we have written the story ourselves. Next week we will be writing our own stories based on Cycle City. 





Phonics Alien Day


Team Disco had lots of fun finding out about real words and 'Alien' words. We played games, had competitions, read stories and developed our phonics skills.


Still image for this video

Visit sets Key Stage 1 alight!


To round off our topic all about the Great Fire of London and how we can keep safe in a fire, Key Stage 1 were visited by Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue service this morning. As you can see, we had lots of fun finding out about all the tools and equipment the fire service keep on their fire engines. We were even allowed to climb up onto the engine and squirt the hoses. The most important message the fire fighters gave us though, was to make sure we had working smoke detectors in our houses.

Visit to the Zoo


Last week, Team Malala went with Team Elizabeth II to Twycross Zoo. We set off really early on the bus to see all the animals we'd learned about in the last few weeks. We loved the chimps, gorillas and flamingos - but our particular favourites were the penguins.

Fantastic Mr Fox

Over the last few weeks, we've been reading Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl in class. So - to celebrate Mr Fox's victory over the nasty farmers we had a feast in his honour. And then, the following day, we had a visit from Farmer Beetroot, who lives next door to Boggis, Bunce and Bean and has been having problems with his strawberries and honey.  


Visit from Severn Trent

To finish off our topic about water, Year 1 and 2 had a visit from Phil Pearce who works Severn Trent. He talked to us about how water gets to our taps, how water gets cleaned, and most importantly, how to save water. Everyone made a promise to save water by only having a four minute shower, filling our bath only half way or watering the garden using a can instead of a hosepipe. Thanks Phil!

Artist Visit


We had a visit this week from an artist, called Ali, who came to help us design some characters from traditional tales, like Goldilocks and The Gingerbread Man. In these pictures, we're creating large pieces of group artwork with bits and pieces we found around the classroom. Later on, Ali is going to use our artwork to design characters to go on the school's book bench.

Enjoying Our PE lessons

We've been really enjoying our PE lessons with Seb. He's been teaching us all some invasion games - our particular favourite being "Flush the Toilet". In the pictures, we're trying to keep the ball off the floor without touching it.

Happy Easter Everyone!


World Book Day at Last!

Excitement reigned in Team Malala this Monday as we finally got to celebrate all the excitement of World Book Day after the snow cut short our fun earlier in the month. Everyone in the class had dressed up as a character from a story. We had, amongst others, princesses, superheroes, Roald Dahl characters, a dinosaur, a Dennis the Menace, Alice and two Queens of Hearts. We acted out stories that we made up and then thought about whose costume we really admired. Mrs Doyle even came and read a story dressed as a teddy bear. A great day!

World Book Day Pictures

Happy Mothers' Day!

Last week, we designed and made cards for the special and important people in our lives. We took our time writing the inside of the card and then made 3D flowers from paper.



Welcome to Year 1!

Team Malala


Teacher: - Mr Corrigan  indecision

Teaching Assistants: - Miss Drain and Miss Street


Welcome to Team Malala's web page.  We will be using this page to keep you up to date with all the fun learning activities we do in year 1.

Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let us know!

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Team Malala's Magic Pencil


We've finished our book! We've spent the first few weeks of the year reading a book about our class namesake Malala Yousafzai. Now we've finished writing a book in the same style. Malala has a magic pencil that she uses to make the world a better place. We've used our magic pencils for good too - many of us drew something really special for someone else. Here are a few pages:



Mr Corrigan has also asked Mrs Page to use her incredible art skills (and her own magic pencil) to create a really special cover page for our book. We can't wait to see what she creates. 

Some Work on Malala Yousafzai

Pitta Pizzas

We had great fun in Team Malala today making pitta bread pizzas with Mrs Newton. We read, discussed and followed the instructions. Of course, they were delicious - and there were several mushrooms left over for Mr Corrigan to eat when he arrived at lunch time!


Tucking into the pizzas.



Key Stage One Drama Session - Auditions for the Christmas Production!


Today (Monday 13th November) we began our drama work for our Christmas Production.  We aren't giving away any spoilers just yet, but it is sure to be a spectacular show!  All of the children in Team Malala and Team Elizabeth II had a wonderful time working together and getting into character. Check out some of the pictures below!

Our Cooperation Service


Just before half term, we told the whole school the story of The Little Red "N". He was trying to bake some bread, but got no help from the pig, the cat or the dog. In fact, the only people who helped him were the Alphablocks. We thought this linked very well to our school value of cooperation - if you help people and work as a team, jobs become much easier.

Christmas Comes Early


It might only be September, but in Team Malala, we've been reading a great book by John Burningham called "Harvey Slumfenburger's Christmas Present." Below are some photos of us performing some repeated parts of the story, complete with actions!


Team Jeffers - last year


Teacher: - Mr Corrigan  indecision

Teaching Assistants: - Miss Drain, Miss Kelly and Mrs Hopkinson


Welcome to Team Jeffer's web page.  We will be using this page to keep you up to date with all the fun learning activities we do in year 1.

Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let us know!

Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games and visit some cool websites.


Teddy Bears Picnic at Bestwood Country Park

Climbing Frame

Our Visit to Bestwood Country Park


Year 1 will be heading off to Bestwood Country Park next Wednesday, 12th July, to explore the sights and sounds of the forest. Please remember: bring a SMALL teddy bear, trousers and wellies or boots. Our class teddy bears, Ginger Bear and Egbert, will be going to try to visit their friends in the wood.