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Reception - F2 Autumn 2

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our SPECIAL MENTION winners this half term!

CONGRATULATIONS to all the children who achieved their RED TED's this half term!

21.12.21 - Our Sherwood Adventure Day 5 - Saying goodbye to Mr Ward, saying hello to Miss Warrington, saying thank you to the children you let us borrow their classroom, Christmas party food and a party in the big hall.

20.12.21 - Our Sherwood Adventure Day 4 - Waving to our friends, playing together, going to 'a cinema', having a lucky dip and meeting santa!

17.12.21 - Our Sherwood Adventure Day 3 - Double decker bus, making christmas cards, playing games together, dancing, singing in the theatre to our favourite Christmas songs, Charlotte playing football and scoring a goal, name the ted competition and lots more!

All I Want for Christmas is Youuuuuuu!

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16.12.21 - Our Sherwood Adventure Day 2 - Bus trips, finding the Year 5 lost elf, Mrs Booth's birthday, Stickman, playing table tennis with Year 6, Mrs Shelley serving us lunch, singing in the big theatre and lots more!

Follow the yellow brick road!

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We're following the green line!

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15.12.21 Our Sherwood Adventure Day 1 - Bus trips, taking a tour around the new school singing 'follow the yellow brick road', drawing rainbows, yoga, playing football and lots more on our first day at Sherwood Rise.

9 & 10.12.21 It was our Christmas performance of Strictly Springy!

9.12.21 Mr Bow challenged us to come up with an idea to make Jingle Bow more at home in Team Rainbow so we set to work right away and we have made him a new home!

7.12.21 Our staff performance of the Three Little Pigs.

6.12.21 A huge THANK YOU to everyone who joined us this morning to have lots of 'crafty winter fun'. It was a lovely morning and all of the children had a wonderful time.

26.11.21 Happy Birthday Mr. Bow! 

As our topic this term is 'Special Times and Special Things' Team Rainbows had a fabulous birthday party for Mr Bow. 


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The children sang 'Happy Birthday' to Mr Bow using Makaton signs.

3.12.21 After reading the book An Angel Just Like Me we made our own angels for our Christmas tree and they look just like us!

1.12.21 ELF DAY!!

What a wonderful day for our elf to arrive. We dressed up, had a special elf breakfast, put up the Christmas tree (with help from the Little Bows), saw Father Christmas all the way in the North Pole and had a lovely surprise from Team Resilience who made us all little gifts. We wish we could do it all again!

Here is our elf and we named him Jingle Bow!

26.11.21 It was Mr Bow's Birthday and we planned and helped prepare our own celebration to wish him a very happy day. We made decorations, party hats, played games, sang 'Happy Birthday' in makaton and had some yummy cake! We also spotted a rainbow in the sky too!


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19.11.21 Team Rainbow raised money for Children in Need by doing a 'Penny on the Pudsey', dressing up and joining in with the Jump Up and Dance Children in Need song.

jump up and dance song (children in need)


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18.11.21 Our INSPIRATIONAL PERSON this half term is Richard Whitehead. We watched him win Paralympic gold in 2012 and learnt how he was determined to not let his disability stop him achieving his goal. We then wanted to go and run like him and realised how tiring it is!!


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18.11.21 We had our next Rainbow Day on Thursday and we read the story Monsters Love Colours. It was lots of fun and we found out that you can mix some colours together to make new colours!

Monsters Love Colors

11th November 2021

Poppy Day

To introduce REMEBERANCE DAY to the children we had a go at several activities throughout the day. We started by watching the CBeebies animation (which is below) and Mr Bow told us all why we celebrate it every year and how we remember the soldiers who protect us. We had lots of fun making our own poppies, explored real WW1 helmets, learning how to march and taking part in a one minute silence.

CBeebies | Poppies animation


5.11.21 We enjoyed making our own bonfire, sparklers and fireworks to CELEBRATE Bonfire Night!

4.11.21 We learnt about the CELEBRATION of Diwali and explored how to make RANGOLI Patterns, DIYA LAMPS and FIREWORKS.

3.11.21 We investigated different sized pumpkins and had a look at what was inside.