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Reception - F2 Autumn 1

CONGRATULATIONS to our SPECIAL MENTION winners for this half term!

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the children who have achieved their RED TED this half term!

15.10.21 All of the EYFS staff performed our traditional tale this half term - The Gingerbread man!

14.10.21 Two Year 6 children came to our class and taught us how to say 'my name is...' in Makaton.

On Thursday 7th October we celebrated


We listened to James Berry's poem called Childhood Tracks and

were inspired to use our senses to create our own poem.

We walked around our school grounds

looking, listening and smelling

what was around us and shared our ideas.

We then put these ideas into a poem called 

Our Springfield

and we drew illustrations for it too!

We really enjoyed learning about poetry and had lots of fun listening to

different types of poems read by the poets themselves

which we found on the Children's Poetry Archive website.

24.9.21 Our class read's author this half term is TOM FLETCHER! We found out he is also a member of the band McFly and is in Strictly Come Dancing this year! We are all so excited to follow his progress and see how he gets on.

16.9.21 We celebrated WORLD AFRO HAIR DAY with Mrs Shelley's help and she introduced us to the song 'I Love My Hair'!

Sesame Street - I Love My Hair

13.9.21 Topic launch: Why do you love me so much?

We went into the hall and danced to baby shark to explore some of the different family members. Then we explored moving in different ways to reflect growing up (crawling, running, driving and hobbling). Finally we looked at grouping ourselves based on different characteristics that we could see.

A theme that will be running through everything we do this year is


We know that these last few months have seen families go through a mixture of experiences and these will result in a variety of emotions. To help all of our children understand and begin to share these feelings we are introducing the story The Colour Monster and using this character to represent the different feelings we can have.

There is an electronic copy of the book below and more information about the

Wellbeing activities we will be doing.

The Color Monster - Read Aloud by Mr. Joshua Brooks

8.9.21 We have been making our own Colour Monsters using a variety of materials.

6.9.21 Our inspirational person - Emily Campbell. Over the summer many of us were inspired by the athletes at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. We have chosen a local hero, Emily Campbell, who was the first British woman to win an Olympic medal in weightlifting. To make it even more inspiring, she is from here - Bulwell!

6.9.21 RAINBOW DAY! We had great fun exploring our class name. The children played games with multicoloured balloons, listened to a rainbow story, learnt how to sign "I can see a rainbow" with Mr Tumble and completed lots of rainbow crafts.

Here are our BOW FAMILY and they will be our LEARNING LEADERS this year in Team Rainbow.

We helped make them feel at home by decorating their houses!