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Nurture 1 & 2 – Team Kanga & Roos

Team Kanga and Team Roos


Welcome to Team Kangas and Team Roos. We will update our team page to share some of our learning and activities with you.


In our teams, we work in small groups to give our children space to think and develop skills. Such as: team work, turn taking, Maths and English. 


Miss Drain, Miss Street and Mrs Hopkinson enjoy being part of Team Kangas and Roos. They are keen to promote emotional well-being, independence and conduct work around our school values.


Team Kangas = Year 3 + 4

Team Roos = Year 1 + 2


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us - we are always happy to speak with you. 


Monday - Team Kangas - Mrs Hopkinson and Miss Street

Tuesday - Team Roos - Miss Drain and Miss Street

Wednesday - Team Kangas - Miss Drain and Miss Street

Thursday - Team Roos - Miss Drain and Miss Street

Friday - No session


Team letters 2019-20

Vets role play- Spring 2

Pancake eating

Pancake making - working as a team to make pancakes for snack.

Pancake Maths - weighing, measuring and multiplying ingredients

Team Kangas - Enjoying the snow

Team Roos - Teddy Tuesday

World Book Day 2020