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Nursery & Reception- Teams Rock and Roll

Welcome to Early Years

Nursery and Reception

Teams Rock and Roll


Teacher - Nursery - Mrs Page and Mrs Booth (Maternity Cover teacher)

Teaching Assistants - Nursery - Mrs Straw & Miss Kelly


Teacher - Reception - Miss Randall

Teaching Assistants - Reception - Miss Brown, Miss Kelly & Miss Street


Early Years Coordinator - Mrs Bonser




Our whole school theme this year is


and we have chosen to call ourselves



Our Nursery class is TEAM ROCK and our Reception class is TEAM ROLL and we will be spending the year introducing the children to a variety of artists, songs and dances.


To help this we have named our learning groups after four Rock 'n' Roll stars. 


Team letters


Top Tips For Reading At Home

Team Rock 'n' Roll are introducing WOW Moments slips for you to take home and help us support your child's development by celebrating their achievements at home.

Please read the above document and return any filled out slips to school where we will share them with others.  We have lots of additional slips so please just ask if you want more!

Thank you for your support and we look forward to hearing about what your child is doing at home! 

This week we have had lots of exciting visitors come to talk to team 'Rock & Roll'. 

On Monday Robin the Paramedic came and brought his Ambulance, he explained what he does to help people and he let us sit in his ambulance. We listened to our heart through the heart beat monitor. Then we sat in the drivers seat and pressed the button which made the blue lights flash.

On Thursday the Fire Fighters came and brought the fire engine for us to look around. They explained what they did to help people, and Mrs Straw got to put on their fire equipment that they wear when they go to a fire.

This week Team Rock and Roll have been reading Supertato by Sue Hendra.

We talked a lot about what a superhero was - kind, helpful, caring. And we realised we were all superheroes too!

Team Rock and Roll came into school to some vegetables tied up and drawn on by the Evil Pea! 

Supertato sent Team Roll a letter asking them to help his friends... We all had fun making our own Supertato and then went outside to test their powers! 


Still image for this video
We had lots of fun flying our own Supertatos!

Over the half-term holiday our caterpillars transformed and emerged out of their chrysalises as butterflies!


Still image for this video

Team Roll had lots of fun at Team Country and Team Pop's fair on Friday afternoon!! We played lots of games and won lots of tokens!

On Friday 24th May we had a visit from Miss Brown's Guinea Pig, Charlie! We had to be very gentle and calm so we didn't frighten him - there were a lot of us and only one of him! We asked lots of questions like what he liked to eat and where he slept, and took turns stroking him. We enjoyed meeting Charlie and we hope to see him again soon!

Caterpillar update

Over the weekend all our caterpillars have made chrysalises! We had to safely move them into their new home so that they can safely emerge as butterflies. We can't wait to see what happens next!

Caterpillar update

After two weeks Team Rock and Roll were very excited to see that our caterpillars had grown and are getting ready to make their Chrysalises! 

Team Rock and Roll are looking after caterpillars!

We have got caterpillars in Team Rock and Roll this half term! Last week we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and talked lots about what the caterpillar ate in the story. We also learned about the life cycle of a caterpillar and so we're very excited to see these caterpillars turn into butterflies!

On the 3rd May we had a Rock 'n' Roll day. We learned about what clothes people in the 1950s wore and we made our own neck-ties! We also had lots of fun playing Rock 'n' Roll music with the guitars and musical instruments.

Team Rock and Roll had lots of fun hunting high and low for eggs and other yummy treats outside in the playground!

Our Spring fun morning was a fantastic morning and it was lovely to share it all with you. Thank you to everyone who joined us and gave their support


Dinosaur Day!

On Friday 25th January we used the children's Talk Homework from the beginning of the year

What would you like to learn?

Lots of children said they want to learn about Dinosaurs, so that's what we did! We had a dinosaur hunt, made our own dinosaurs out of play-dough, explored dinosaurs in ice and had lots of other fun activities! Team Rock and Roll had a wonderful day and enjoyed pretending to be dinosaurs!

Our Winter Fun Day took place on Thursday 20th December. Thank you to everyone who joined us and gave their support. It was a fantastic morning and it was lovely to share it all with you.

Christmas Jumper Day 12th December

To decorate our two Christmas trees we made Rock 'n' Roll themed decorations using salt dough. Once the salt dough and dried we dipped them into paint, then dipped them into litter and covered them in PVA glue!  

On Friday 30th November we used the children's Talk Homework from the beginning of the year

What would you like to learn?

And several of the children wanted to find out more about space so that's what we did!

We introduced astronauts Neil Armstrong and Tim Peakes, learnt what things you would see is space, made our own planets and our own rockets.

We all had a fantastic day and can't wait to do it again soon!

On Friday 9th November Team Rock 'n' Roll celebrated Rememberance Sunday by finding out why we wear poppies. We all cut out our own poppies and had a one minute silence at 11 o'clock to remember those soldiers who have been hurt keeping us safe and to say a big THANK YOU for those soldiers doing it right now.  

On Thursday 8th November we had our second Rock 'n' Roll day. This time we learnt more about our four Learning Leaders and made child size versions for each carpet area. We also learnt some moves to Elvis Presley's Jailhouse Rock and listened to lots of music.

We learnt about Diwali over two days and took part in making some Rangoli patterns and our own Diwali lights.

It was


on Monday 15th October and we choose to look at a poem by Jamaican Poet James Berry. We used the Poetry Archive Website (See link below) and found Jamaica on a world map. 

In his Poem Childhood Tracks he used his senses to describe his surroundings and Team Rock did this and created their own version called In Our Playground (both poems are below).  

Childhood Tracks by James Berry

In Our Playground by Team Rock

On Friday 12th October Mr Pepper visited Early Years to spend the day working with us on

traditional tales.

He spent the morning working with Team Rock on the characters they could see from a film called Eleanor's Secret and then filmed them retelling the story of the Three little Pigs.

Mr Pepper then spent the afternoon with Team Roll taking a closer look at the main character from Eleanor's Secret and working out how he could save the traditional tale 

characters. He then filmed the children acting out the story Little Red Riding Hood.   



On Thursday 4th October we learnt more about Goose Fair by listening to the Goose,

watching clips of it at night, creating our own artwork using scratch art and collage materials and

having a special Friday Treat. 

Our Talk Homework at the beginning of the year was

What do you want to learn?

and Jayla asked to learn more about Body Parts. SO WE DID!

CBeebies: Days of the Week Songs Playlist

We have been teaching the children the days of the week using the Days of the Week Songs from Cbeebies. Here is the link for you to have a go at home too!

Mahaa and her Red Ted

Well done Mahaa - you are the first person in Team Roll to earn a Red Ted for reading on 25 days at home.

Welcome to Early Years - Nursery!

Team Torvill


Teacher: - Mrs Page

Teaching Assistants: - Mrs Straw, Mrs Hopkinson and Miss Street


Welcome to Team Torvill's web page!  We will be keeping you up to date with all the fun we have learning new things over the coming weeks.


Do you have any ideas for this page?  Why not let us know!


Have you seen the Kids' Zone?  Play games and visit some cool websites


To celebrate our whole school theme this year of 21st Century Inspirational People, our class has been named after Jayne Torvill from the British Ice Skaters Torvill and Dean. We have introduced her to the children and will continue throughout the year to link any learning back to her and Christopher Dean and to explain why we feel they are an INSPIRATION to us all. 

Any support with this at home would be really appreciated and we would be happy to share anything your child has learnt with the others in Team Torvill. Thank you! no

Sue and Pete deliver our CD's

Goldilocks and the Three Bears


Another fantastic performance in Early Years this morning. The children enjoyed watching Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Mrs Straw was Goldilocks with Miss Street as Daddy Bear, Mrs Eady as Mummy Bear and Miss Brown as Baby Bear.

Team Torvill and Dean had a fantastic Fun Day with a sports theme, a big thank you to all of our helpers who volunteered, we could not do it without you! Thank you to Mrs Straw for co-ordinating the morning for us and thank you to the children from Years 5 and 6 who came to help. All of the children earned enough stickers to get a medal which was presented by Mrs Francis.

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to 3 of our children and their dads for completing the SSBC Fathers Reading Every Day (FRED) 4 week challenge together. To celebrate we held a little party where they received their certificates, book and a Springfield Academy Ted! Thank you to everyone who took part and a massive THANK YOU to Mrs Straw for organising it! 


to everyone who came and joined in our Carnival to officially open our new playground.

It was a fabulous afternoon and I hope you all had as much fun as we did!

Go Noodle

For our Music and Movement this half term we are using Go Noodle. ( .Here's a clip of this week's dance for you to have a go at at home!

It was windy today!

We spent some time outside in the wind today (Thursday 14th June) and talked about how it felt, what it is and what it does to things around us, especially Aiva's hair!

Singing Row Row Your Boat

Still image for this video

Harry and Meghan are getting married!

On Friday 19th May we celebrated the Royal wedding by making our very own crowns! We learnt about the Royal family and found out who Prince Harry and Meghan Markel are.

We wish them a very happy day and all the best for their future together!

Ali the Artist visit EYFS

Ali the Artist came in on Thursday 17th May to work with us all to create some artwork for our new Reading Bench. We had lots of fun working with her and can't wait to see the finished design. 

We have been reading Rosie's Walk this week and Mrs Page's Learning Group decided they wanted to go on their own walk... so we did! We made a map using photos of our playground and decided how we were going to travel over/under/through the different pieces of equipment. We then followed it!

It has been a long time coming but it is now finished and we love it!

Here are some photos of the first time Team Torvill went on it and I think their faces say it all.

There's also some photos of the morning we let parents stay to have a look too and it looks like they had just as much fun! 

Thank you for all your patience and understanding whilst it has been built and we are all looking forward to using it properly!

CBeebies | Mr Tumble Nursery Rhymes Playlist

We have been using Mr Tumble's Nursery Rhymes to sing-a-long to and begin to learn some Makaton!

Spring Fun Day

This was yet another successful craft session organised by Miss Brown, Mrs Straw and Mrs Hopkinson for our parents to join us and have some fun. We would like to say a huge thank you for coming and supporting your children at this event.

The EYFS staff would like to say a huge thank you also to thank our helpers for making it a great success: Mrs Lawrence, Mr Palmer, Miss McClay, Miss Dooley, Mr & Mrs Clarke, Mr & Mrs Straw, Mrs Peace, Miss Jacklin, Cara Doyle, Mrs Hand & Mrs Shaw.

The Gingerbread Man comes to Springfield!

World Book Day was worth the wait in Foundation after being postponed due to the snow days. Not only did the children dress up in such fantastic costumes but the staff did too and acted out the story of The Gingerbread Man with Mrs Speight reading  the story.

The snow arrived!

Special Mentions Autumn 2

Action Songs for Children by The Learning Station

We have been using a selection of Action Songs from The Learning Station. Have a look at what else you can find and have some fun!

Our Christmas Fun Day took place on Wednesday 20th December. Thank you to everyone who joined us and gave their support. It was a fantastic morning and it was lovely to share it all with you.

We had snow!