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Nursery (F1) Summer 1

Team   Rainbow

Here's our Team Letter for this half term!

Congratulations to this half term's Ted's Pals winners!

28.5.21 It's back! The EYFS staff did their own performance of Little Red Riding Hood.

26-28.5.21 Mr Bow asked the children help him spread a little kindness to make everyone smile after a very busy half term. The children happily created cards for all of the other classes and staff. We had lots of fun doing it and it really did make everyone smile! :)

Pyjamarama Day


We had great fun on Pyjamarama Day we had lots of activities around our Vipers book 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy. We all brought our teddies to school and read a story to them, we had great fun becoming part of the story using our green screen. 

Then we had a teddy bears picnic on the moon. smiley


Look at our upcoming actors, retelling the story 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy.

 Friday 30th April

Topic Launch Day.

We introduced our new Topic of Transport by looking at a variety of different types of vehicles and answering the big question Are We There Yet? by looking at the different ways they move - air - water or road!

After looking at different types of transport we then used our fabulous imagination to design our own


We had a fantastic day exploring, playing and making different types of transport.

Rainbow Day