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Nursery (F1) Autumn 2

Team       Rainbow


Congratulations for all of our Special Mention winners this half term!

Here are our Ted's Pals winners this half term. THANK YOU for all of your support!

Sofia wore odd socks for Anti-Bullying Week 16th-20th November

16th-20th November 

This week we celebrated


We spent time looking at why it is special to some people and how it is celebrated.

We made our own Rangoli patterns, Mendhi patterns, diya lamps, lanterns and

tasted some new foods.

Planting bulbs with Mrs Straw - 16th November

Wednesday 11th November

Poppy Day

With the help of the CBeebies Poppy animation below we talked about why we celebrate it every year. We do it to REMEMBER and to say THANK YOU to soldiers who are always keeping us safe. 

CBeebies | Poppies animation

'Poppies' is a BBC Children's remembrance animation. The animation sees The Great War experienced by the animal inhabitants of a WW1 battlefield.

Monday 9th November

Topic Launch Day 

We introduced our new Topic of SPECIAL TIMES and SPECIAL THINGS by looking at what 'special' means and by answering the big question Will you read me a story? 

Mrs Page, Mrs Straw and Miss Kelly took it in turns to share their favourite books with the children and explain why they are special to us. 

We celebrated Bonfire Night on 5th and 6th November

Our scratch art fireworks!

On Wednesday 4th November we celebrated our whole school


We dressed in our best rainbow coloured clothes and did lots of different activities.

We started the day by reading...

Monsters Love Colors

Monsters Love Colors, book written and illustrated by Mike Austin.

We then went outside and did our own colour scribbling, mixing, dancing and wiggling!
We then finished the day by 'tasting the rainbow' and trying different fruits and vegetables matching the colours of the rainbow.

Our first day and we had a rainbow!