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Nursery and Reception - Team Rainbow

Please take the time to read through the information below about the adaptions to learning in EYFS during Lockdown.


WELCOME to 2021

Firstly, we would just like to wish you all a


and we all hope you made the best of the holiday.

As you are all aware we have not had the start to 2021 we all hoped and planned for. Things changed very quickly and we are so grateful for your patience and understanding during this time whilst we try and continue to make the best of this situation now we are in another lockdown.


Although we cannot do what we would normally do, below are details of how we are

going to be organising things through this half term in Early Years. 


So whether your child is in school or at home you understand what is happening and

know that we are here to help and support everyone the best we can during this uncertain time.


Early Years during LOCKDOWN


All children in Nursery and Reception are still in 

Team Rainbow

and we are trying our best to keep as much the same as we can! :)


There has been some slight changes with staff as Miss Randall has moved to Team Courage

but we are very pleased to welcome Miss Aghoghogbe who will be Reception’s new class teacher and Mrs Aduhene who will be another Teaching Assistant

in the unit to help and support your child.


We will be continuing to use Class Dojo as the best way of communicating anything to do with the packs, your child’s learning or any other questions you may have about school.





Staff will be on rotas throughout the week so please bear with us if we do not reply immediately.


Every child will also be continuing to receive Dojo Points, 

again whether they are in school or at home.

We will be totalling all of their points up and giving them prizes to celebrate their effort and achievements at different stages over the next few weeks.  


We are committed to ensure your child can have the same opportunities that they would if they were in school wherever they are now being taught.

As you aware this is very difficult but we do love a challenge and

we believe by making a few adaptions to our curriculum, and with your support,

we will be able to achieve this.


Instead of our usual topic we have decided to take this opportunity and create a

new theme for this half term of

Nursery Rhymes 

We feel this is a wonderful way to ensure all children, home or at school, will be able to participate in the same activities with no additional resources other than what we will provide.

Every week the activities will be planned around a different traditional Nursery Rhyme

and we hope that you can support us in whatever way you can to make it fun for everyone!

 Every child will have a

Home Learning Pack

and these are created to be used at home and in school.

A new pack will be ready every Monday morning and see below for

further details if your child is learning at home. 


To support these, every child will also have a new

Bumblebee Learning Journey

to enable us to record and celebrate your child's achievements during this time

and again, see below for further details if your child is learning at home


Learning at HOME


The first new Home Learning Pack will be available from the office on Monday 11th January.

In addition to this your child's Bumblebee Learning Journey and a

basic resource pack (pencils, glue etc) will be given to you too.


With every new pack we will provide additional resources to be collected too if we feel they are valuable to allow you to complete an activity.


If you are short of any resources (paper, pencils, glue, scissors etc) at any point

please let us know and we can provide you with some.



Every Monday morning an electronic copy of the Home Learning Pack will be uploaded to one of the folders above on our website and any additional links or videos as well for the whole week.


You will also receive a daily message from your class teacher on Class Dojo to

help engage your child with the activities ahead and create a link with school.


We hope that by having everything together you can fit the activities in within your own home routine as best you can and get in touch if you need any help. 


Please remember that your child is in the


which means that they learn best through

PLAY and ACTIVE learning

and we hope that some of the activities we have planned will allow plenty of

opportunities for this type of learning to happen.





When you have completed an activity with your child please take photos and upload them

onto Class Dojo and stick any sheets completed into your child's Bumblebee Learning Journey.


We love receiving photos and messages telling us what you are all doing at home and we will be collecting all of the Bumblebee Learning Journeys in when this is over.


Do not forget your child will also receive Dojo Points for any learning completed at home too and will earn prizes the more they get! 

Learning in SCHOOL


If your child is joining us in school, Reception and Nursery will be joining together to become our Rainbow Bees

bubble. Our Rainbow Bees will be taught in school by all of

our Early Years staff as we are on rotas and will be taking it in turns to be in class.

We will continue to use our website to record and celebrate what they are 'getting busy' doing in school as we normally do. Please look at the Rainbow Bees folder above for weekly updates.

We will also be using the Home Learning Packs and Bumblebee Learning Journeys in school too. 

In addition to these we will be planning other activities and enhancements

to allow your child to settle into this 'new norm' and adjust to being in school when others are not.


Again, if there is any thing we can do to support your child's learning

whilst in school then please let us know.  

Lastly, from all of the EARLY YEARS TEAM,

we would like to say


for everything you are all doing to support your child's learning.

Although different, we hope that we can still make the

most of this time together and ensure that

we all stay as safe as possible.