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Transition Morning

The children visited their new classes this morning, there was a real sense of excitement....and a bit of sadness because the children realised that some of our  current staff are moving to new schools in September.

Miss Ashurst, Mrs Daniels, Miss Burton and Mr Hanks. We wish them well in their new schools.


These are the new classes for September, all named after Inspirational people .


Nursery -Team Torvill                         Mrs Page and Mrs Straw

Reception -Team Dean                         Mrs A Humphrey, Miss Brown and

                                                            Mrs Hopkinson

Year 1 - Team Malala                           Mr T Corrigan and Miss Drain

Year 2 -Team Elizabeth II                  Mrs Speight, Miss Croft and

                                                            Mrs Doyle

Year 3-Team Lauda                              Mr Straw and Mrs Pembleton

Year 4 -Team Disney                            Miss Seabridge and Mrs Woolley

Year 5- Team Ali                                  Miss Urbacz and Mrs Radford

Year 6 -Team Hepburn                         Miss Boden and Mrs Bride


Mrs Binoy and Mrs Eady will also be covering staff during their release time.