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Red Ted


Red Ted

Would you like to help your child to become even better at reading?

Would you like to help them to get lots of rewards

for reading at home?

Introducing… Springy the Bear

Springy wants to come home to live with your child. To do this we would like you to listen to your child read 25 times. Each time you sign their reading record your child will get a stamp. When they have read 25 times they will get the bear. We will also have lots of other accessories for Springy like a t-shirts, hooded top, and a bag so your child can continue reading all year and collecting stamps. This is not a competition, we have rewards for every child that joins in with our β€˜Red Ted’ scheme.

We believe that reading at home as well as at school will help your child to read more quickly and fluently. By reading aloud your child gets to practise using expression. You can also enjoy talking about the story

together and predicting what might happen next.

From talking to the older children we realised not everyone wants a teddy bear. KS2 can choose to win the bear or a school pencil case for their 25 stamps. They can then earn additional items such as pencils and pens.

Thank you for helping. Together we can ensure your child loves to read!

Please start reading with your child this week, the sooner you start the sooner they will have their reward!