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Dear Parents/Carers,

We are trying to do something with a Christmas theme for every day we are in school for December.

The intention is to provide joy not stress.We do not want to place any financial burden upon you either.

We will prompt you as we are going along every day by text.Some activities will be space limited , but we are adding a new “Winter Wonderland” to try to give some Christmas spirit to everyone.

We hope to include you in as many things as we can and try to provide as many “normal” Christmas activities as we can for the children.We want to try and make a Christmas to remember!

Mrs Francis


 15 Days of Christmas (December)

Day 1 (Wednesday)

1st December

Elf Day

The children are welcome to dress up as Elves(we will have extra things if someone forgets)

Suggestions for easy costumes enclosed

Day 2


2nd December


Name Your Elf/Elf themed work



Day 3(Friday)

3rd December

Make “Angel Like Me Decorations


M and M Productions Pantomime

“Robin Hood”

Children only this year due to lack of space

No swimming or Ice Skating


Day 4(Monday)

6th December

EYFS Christmas Craft morning (in hall) 9-10.30

EYFS parents welcome


Year 1 and Year 2 Christmas Craft afternoon

(in hall) 1.30-3  Yr1 and Yr2 parents are welcome


Santa’s Message beamed to each classroom

Teachers favourite Christmas book, in class


Day 5(Tuesday)

7th  December


Christmas adverts, which do we like best and why?


Day 6


8th December

Teacher’s favourite Christmas Book in class



Day 7


9th December

Maths -favourite adverts for each class

PM. “Strictly Come Springfield”

Christmas production

Admission by limited ticket only

Day 8

(Friday) 10th December

AM “Strictly Come Springfield”

Christmas production

Admission by limited ticket only

Day 9


13th December

Christmas Jumper Day/sparkle day

Please don’t go buying jumpers just for today…..a bit of tinsel goes a long way!


Day 10


14th  December

Share “Twas the night before Christmas“ work

Day 11

(Wednesday) 15th  December

Christmas lunch children,

Christmas Card making day


Day 12


16th  December


Fun Christmas activities for the family

(more details to follow)

Day 13 (Friday) 17th December

Class competition to design the best goodie bag.

Whole class make the chosen design

Day 14


20th December

Disco/Party afternoon for the children(am for Nursery)

Day 14

(Tuesday)  21th December

Nativity PM

Admission by limited ticket only

Children take home their Christmas goodie bags