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Year 2 – Team Blues

Welcome to Year 2 - Team Blues


Teacher - Year 2 - Mr Corrigan

Teaching Assistants - Year 2 - Mrs Hopkinson & Miss Hayes

Our Blues Assembly

This week we've continued to learn about blues music and we performed an assembly on Wednesday for the whole school. We'd made some art work featuring some famous blues musicians and learned a lot about Howlin' Wolf.

 Team letters 

Year 2 Sports Festival


We had a great time at the Bulwell Academy Sports Festival. 

Visit sets Key Stage 1 Alight!


To round off our topic all about the Great Fire of London and how we can keep safe in a fire, Key Stage 1 were visited by Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue service this morning. As you can see, we had lots of fun finding out about all the tools and equipment the fire service keep on their fire engines. We were even allowed to climb up onto the engine and squirt the hoses. The most important message the fire fighters gave us though, was to make sure we had working smoke detectors in our houses.

The Great Fire of London


Well - we've had an exciting week learning all about the Great Fire of London. It started on Monday when we met Samuel Pepys, Thomas Farriner the baker and King Charles II and retold the story of what happened. We know all about why the fire started, why it spread so quickly and how the people of London put the fire out. See some photos of our experiences, our writing and painting. We're looking forward to meeting, hopefully, some real life fire fighters next week!



Breaking News

Still image for this video

Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s


We've been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Walk around Bulwell


On Wednesday this week, we went for a quick walk around our local area to look at the different types of environments we could see. We found lots of different types of building and we looked at what had happened to Bulwell Lido and Bulwell Hall.

On Thursday 12th of July, we went with Year 1 to Twycross Zoo.  We had a wonderful time!

"We saw lots of animals and some of them were really interesting," said Archie.

"I saw the spider monkey run," said Riley.

"I had fun at Twycross Zoo," said Olivia.

"I really loved it at Twycross.  My favourite was the flamingo.  Thank you!" said Elycia.

"I liked Twycross Zoo because I loved the penguins," said Kaleb.

"I liked Twycross because the elephants and giraffes were really big," said Summer.

"I liked the leopards because they were all spotty," said Imogen.

"I didn't like it when the monkeys looked like they were eating the other monkey's fleas," said Joseph.

"I liked it at Twycross because even though I have been before, it was still a lot of fun.  My favourite animal was the leopard," said Chloe W. 

Should animals live in zoos? Have a look at our fantastic ideas after our whole class discussion.

Our Music Afternoon in the Sunshine!

On this lovely July afternoon, we decided to take our learning outside.  We listened to 'Carnival of the Animals' as part of our 'What makes us like other animals?' topic and then we took some musical instruments outside to compose our own pieces!  We made music that sounded like birds, elephants, cuckoos, rattlesnakes, wolves and tigers.

"I really liked making lots of different music with my friends," said Chloe S.

"I really enjoyed being with my friends and making them happy," said Chloe W.

"It was fun because we got to use the instruments that we haven't used before," said Archie.

"I liked trying to make a noise like a parrot," said T-J.

"I liked this afternoon because it was fun," said Annatiaga.

"I liked the way me, Archie, Iman, Keelan and David worked together as a team," said Joseph.

"I had fun making the sound of a rattlesnake," said Summerleigh. 

Look at our wonderful big pictures! During our Spoken Language work, we discussed an alternative end to a story. These are our ideas!

"I liked this work because we did some colouring and added some designs," said Imogen.

"It was really fun and it was the best team work ever," said Archie.

"I had fun because I liked using my imagination with my friends," said Ria.

"Me, Kaison and Reece did a bit of colouring," said Riley.

"Our group was very fun because it was fantastic and beautiful in the end when we did our picture," said Chloe W.

"I liked colouring with my friends because it was fun," said Isabelle.

"I liked my friends helping me because it was hard work," said Maci.

"I liked colouring and I tried hard.  Reece did some good ones," said Kaison.

"I liked colouring because we worked as a team," said Kaleb.

"I liked colouring because all of my friends worked with me," said Summer.

"I gave a lot of ideas and I liked sharing them with my team mates," said Chloe S. 

"It was fun designing the xBox and fruit loop cannon," said Keelan. 

"I liked the way me and my friends worked together," said Joseph.

Visit from Severn Trent

To finish off our topic about water, Year 1 and 2 had a visit from Phil Pearce who works Severn Trent. He talked to us about how water gets to our taps, how water gets cleaned, and most importantly, how to save water. Everyone made a promise to save water by only having a four minute shower, filling our bath only half way or watering the garden using a can instead of a hosepipe. Thanks Phil!

Stone Soup! We read the story and then retold it in our own words. Have a look at our amazing writing!

"Stone soup was a very intelligent story because it had lots of tricks in it," said Joseph.

"They asked at every door and everyone said there was no food, so they picked up a rock and got a big black pot and they all put the food in it," said Chloe W.

"I liked the story," said Riley.

"It is a story that shows determination because the travellers who knocked on every door were determined to get some food," said Elycia. 

"The message in the story 'Stone Soup' is to always share," said Keelan. 

"I like it because when the travellers knocked on the door, the people said 'I don't care, I won't share.'  I liked it because at the end, even the dog and the cat and the bird ate all the soup," said Katlynn. 

"I liked it because there were two travellers who were hungry and they got fed," said Kaleb. 

We walked around school to see what people do to help us and keep our school looking amazing!

"I loved looking at the plants," said Elycia.

"I like looking after our school," said Maci.

"I like looking after the plants and trees," said Olivia.

"I love the trees," said Kaleb.

"I like the green grass," said Evelyn.

"I like the way the cleaners clean all the classrooms and the corridor," said Kayden.

"I liked standing near the really big cookers in the kitchen," said Archie.

"I like the cleaners because they clean our school and they are kind," said Katlynn. 

The Hands of Friendship - have a look at our display celebrating kindness and friendship!

Our new topic: Why is Water Precious? Have a look at some of our fabulous work!

Our new topic: Why is Water Precious?  Have a look at some of our fabulous work! 1
Our new topic: Why is Water Precious?  Have a look at some of our fabulous work! 2
Our new topic: Why is Water Precious?  Have a look at some of our fabulous work! 3
Our new topic: Why is Water Precious?  Have a look at some of our fabulous work! 4

Spring has finally arrived! Year 2 enjoying the sunshine in our lovely playground.

Spring has finally arrived!  Year 2 enjoying the sunshine in our lovely playground. 1 Year 2 Spring blossom

Spellings for the week beginning Monday 30th April, to be tested on TUESDAY 8th of May (after the bank holiday)

Spellings for the week beginning 23rd April, tested on Monday 30th April

Welcome back after the Easter break!  It is lovely to see everyone back in school and looking nice and smart for the start to the Summer Term.  We are straight back to business in Year 2, so here are the spellings for this week.  We are only learning 3 common exception words a week now as we have done them lots of times and we are getting really good at them: these words are now the ones we find the trickiest.  The other words still follow the spelling pattern that we are doing.  

Jack and the Beanstalk

This week, we have spent time retelling the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.  We have been thinking hard about our sentences and we have tried to start them in different ways.  Look at our pictures - we have been working so hard!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Starry Night Topic

We are coming to the end of our second Spring Term Topic, 'Starry Night', in which we have been looking at the paintings of Van Gogh and stories and songs about stars.  We have made our own 'starburst' pictures, rewritten 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' and tried to re-create Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' painting to name a few things we have been up to.  Check out our photos below!  You can see Chloe's artwork, Logan's starburst picture, Belle's 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Cat' poem and our classroom display.

Starry Night

Urban Hockey Match!


Today we played our first Urban Hockey Match in real teams!  We had a great time.  Check out our photos below!

"I like it when we get the ball," said Michael.

"I like playing in a team with all my friends," said Rilan.

"I really enjoyed it when we were playing when we had support," said Elycia.

"I like it when I was playing in a team with my friends," said Summer.

"It was fun when my friends helped me score a goal," said Joseph.

"When we played a match I scored the first goal and it was awesome!" said Lewis. 

Urban Hockey Match!

Mrs Speight and Miss Croft's Spellings for the week beginning 12th March


Here are the spellings for this week.  They will be tested on Monday 19th March.  Everyone is trying very hard to get 12 out of 12 - keep up the hard work!


Urban Hockey!


The children are all really enjoying their Urban Hockey lessons this half term.  Have a look at our fabulous skills!


Welcome Back!!

Firstly we would like to welcome you all back after half term. Can you believe we are half way through the year?!

The children have got a fantastic half term to look forward to, our new topic 'Starry Night' is going to allow the children to get creative and develop their artistic and musical skills. We will also be working hard on our movement and dancing in P.E. Watch this space to see what we are learning.

Like last half term, children will be receiving weekly spellings based on the Year 2 Common Exception Words. You may recognise the words that they are being sent home, this is because we are revisiting them. This allows the words to become embedded in the children's mind and hopefully we will start to see them in their everyday writing. We are so pleased with how many of you have been reading with your children over the holidays, and how many more book bags we are seeing in school. It won't be long until many of you are receiving your 'Springy the Bear.'

Finally, don't forget it is World Book Day on Thursday. Children can come to school as their favourite book characters. During the day children will be taking part in lots of 'book' related learning and even get the opportunity to have a visit from a storyteller. It should be a brilliant day.


Mrs Speight and Miss Croft's Phonics Group Spellings, for the week beginning February 12th.  They will be tested on Monday February 26th (You get an extra week to practice them because of half term)

Mrs Speight and Miss Croft's Phonics Group Spellings, for the week beginning December 4th.  They will be tested on Monday December 11th. 

As the children are spending lots of time and energy learning their lines at home and getting ready for the Christmas Production, we are only sending 6 words home this week.  The words are:







Mrs Speight and Miss Croft's Phonics Group, Spellings for the week beginning Monday 27th November (tested on Monday 4th December)

Key Stage One Drama Session - Auditions for the Christmas Production!


Today (Monday 13th November) we began our drama work for our Christmas Production.  We aren't giving away any spoilers just yet, but it is sure to be a spectacular show! All of the children in Team Malala and Team Elizabeth II had a wonderful time working together and getting into character.  Check out some of the pictures below!

Mrs Speight and Miss Croft's Phonics group spellings, week beginning Monday 13th November

Welcome Back after Half Term everyone!


We hope you all had a fantastic holiday and that you all feel refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of this second half term.  This week, we will be starting our weekly spelling work and we will be sending home spellings for the children in Mrs Speight and Miss Croft's Phonics group, so look out for them in your child's book bag.  We are going to test the spellings on Mondays as part of our Phonics sessions.  Just in case your child loses their sheet, the words can be found below:



Common Exception Words - please keep a look out for your child's pack of words to work on at home. They will be coming home this week!

Halloween comes early to Year 2!


We have been reading 'Winnie the Witch' by Valerie Thomas and 'The Jolly Witch' by Dick King-Smith over the last two weeks and we decided to have a little fun and make some witches of our own.  What do you think?  We really enjoyed making them!

Picture 1

Team Games in PE, 9th October 2017!


Today, we played some team games in PE.  We had a great time!


"It was fun," said Kaleb.

"It is a nice day because we did PE and it was so fun," said Katlynn.

"PE was fun because we got to throw a ball," said Liam.

"I liked the PE lesson that we did today because it was fun and I caught the ball," said Chloe W.

"I liked it today because I had a really nice team and I had so much fun," said Ria.

"Today, we had good fun because we played Bench Ball," said Keelan. 

"I really like school because my favourite thing to do is be in PE and I love playing games," said Chloe S.

"I liked the team game of Bench Ball," said Lewis.

"I liked my team because we scored a goal and also we played Bench Ball... Chloe W was on the bench," said Summer.

"I liked PE because it was really fun," said Summerleigh. 

Exploring Autumn in the School Grounds!


The children in Team Elizabeth II have been exploring the school grounds to look at the different types of plants we have and how they are changing at this time of year.  We found lots of Evergreen and Deciduous plants and we enjoyed collecting things that showed all the different colours we can see in nature all around us.  We think that Autumn is a very pretty time of year! 


Autumn Walk, searching for Evergreen and Deciduous plants!

Year 2's fabulous PARACHUTE afternoon!


We decided to have a change in PE today and we used the big parachute to play some fun games.  The children all worked together to get the parachute to do different things and there were lots of smiling faces in Team Elizabeth II!


"Playing Cat and Mouse was fun," said Archie.

"My favourite part was when we played Chinese Whispers under the big bubble," said Ria.

"It was like a big balloon!" said Kaleb.

"When we swapped places, it was fun," said Imogen. 

Parachute Fun!

Our HONESTY assembly!

Welcome to Year 2!

Team Elizabeth II


Teachers: - Mrs Speight and Miss Croft

Teaching Assistant: - Mrs Doyle


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